Plot The initial plot of the film is set in ancient Japan Kubo lives with his mother in his ancient house in a remote village He lives with his sick and old

Kubo And The Two Strings Movie Review

Kubo And The Two Strings Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Kubo And The Two Strings"
Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 19-08-2016
4 / 5.0

Plot: The initial plot of the film is set in ancient Japan. Kubo lives with his mother in his ancient house in a remote village. He lives with his sick and old mother. He has to do all chores of the house including taking care of his mother. Kubo's father was a great Samurai warrior and was renowned in the whole Japan for his brave and valiant deeds. A lost spirit awakes the Gods and monsters who now start to chase Kubo. They are behind the magical suit of armor which was once worn by Kubo's father. It is the only way for Kubo's survival. The story goes on with the struggles he faces and his unique ways to overcome various problems.

Analysis: The film received positive reviews from people all around the world. Famous and leading entertainment websites praised the movie for its unique concept. The movie has a very innovative story which has a medium to connect with the audience of all ages. People of every kind will enjoy the film. The animation of the movie is the popular hero. It is way better than most of the animated films that released this year. The graphics are absorbing and are very appealing. It is a virtual melancholy that will take the audience somewhere in the other world.

The dubbing is pitched to perfection and is very perfectly synced to the scenes. They stick to the pace of the film and never slacks in the pace. The VFX effects are very efficiently used to convert the simplest of things into a major object of the fantasy world. The screenplay goes off track sometimes but is recovered quickly in the next scenes.

Star performances: The film features Interstellar fame, Matthew McConaughey. He is one of the best actors in the Hollywood and has done an exceptional job in portraying his character. Charlize Theron and Art Parkinson have also fit into their characters. Shannon Tindle has done a marvelous job in writing down the story of the film. Christopher Murrie is has coordinated with the technical department very well and has edited the film to the perfection. The duration is neither too short nor too long for the animation film. Dario Marianelli has however failed to touch the standards of the film, and the audience will expect a much better background score after a high-quality film.

What's there? The film has a great story. It has some content for the audience of all ages in the store, and everyone will enjoy the innovative plot. The cinematography and editing have been pitched to perfection and is right on the target. The VFX effects are heavily used, and they have been an important asset for the movie to create its space among the masses.

What's not there? The film lacks good music to give company and support to other aspects of the film. The background score fails to create an impact on the audience at the crucial sequences like the chasing ones. The direction needed more efforts to create a perfect animated motion picture. The screenplay fell loose in some instances but are brought back on track quickly.

Verdict: The film has many dimensions and entertains the audience in every possible way if the minor flaws in it are ignored. It is a must watch this weekend.