Plot Meera is a divorced woman living in Australia She is beautiful and intelligent and has created a comfortable space for herself and her daughter Her fami

Unindian Movie Review

Unindian Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Unindian"
Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-08-2016
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
2.5 / 5.0



Plot: Meera is a divorced woman living in Australia. She is beautiful and intelligent and has created a comfortable space for herself and her daughter. Her family is forcing her to find a suitable Indian boy for remarriage. However, she finds the logic baseless. Then, she meets an Australian guy named Will. He is tall, blonde handsome, and has a very charming and innocent smile. The duo gets together and starts their journey. Meera's family is against this decision of hers and considers this "Unindian." Will she bend in front of her parents or will she follow her heart and continue her relationship. To get answers of these, go and watch the movie.

Analysis: The film is of Australian origin and is directed by an Indian. Furthermore, the movie is titled Unindian. All these dimensions make the film very interesting. The plot of the movie is very interestingly knit and have managed to attract the crowd. However, the film fails to justify the concept. The narration is very average and needed more efforts to make things clearer and easier. The romance between an Indian girl and an Australian guy has been very nicely portrayed and has won the hearts.

Furthermore, bringing another turn and concept of a daughter is worth praising. The film has the heart in it, and it is clearly visible that the makers have put their hard work to produce an entertaining motion picture. However, despite the efforts, the film lacks the spice it needed to make the concept and the plot justifiable. The music of the film is worth appreciating and are very cleverly used to sweeten the romantic sequences.

Star performances: The film has a unique and interesting star cast as an international cricketer has been introduced in a lead role in the film. Brett Lee has done average work in the film should be praised considering acting is not his field. Tannishtha Chatterjee has been brilliant in the movie and has won the heart of the audiences with her performance. Supriya Pathak is the evergreen actress of the film industry, and her skills are unquestionable. Anupam needed to do some more work as the director of the film and lacked efforts in the narration. Salim- Sulaiman has rocked show with their music and creative background scores.

What's there? The film has a unique and interesting concept. The problems a divorcee woman faces after falling in love with an Australian guy is very catchy. Having a daughter in such situations adds masala to the entertainment experience. The music is great and will please you in the romantic sequences. The presence of an international cricketer in the lead role is very exciting.

What's not there? The film lacks proper narration despite having a beautiful concept and plot. It needed to be nurtured to convert it into an entertaining package. Also, it gets dull for people who are bored of typical love stories. The editing is below average, and the movie could have been trimmed by ten more minutes to keep it steady.

Verdict: The film has an interesting concept but weak narration and editing. The film entertains at places but bores at others. You can watch it at your risk.