Tragic Ends In The Entertaiment Industry

Tragic Ends In The Entertaiment Industry Tamil Article

TV artists committing suicide is something that are to be contemplated over in a studied manner. What drives these artists to commit suicide? Why are they unhappy with life? What made them to take this extreme decision? All such things should be considered so that we bring an end to such tragedies happening. 

The suicides are a glaring proof that these artists just mask their feelings and don’t involve themselves in venting out their problems to others. Some regard their relationships seriously and end up in committing suicide. But is suicide the only solution to all problems? Time keeps ticking and we have to have the courage to face all the problems. It is easier said than done. Yes, problems are indeed de-motivating but we should not consider ourselves the sole reason for such problems, which eventually leads to suicide. In fact, many suicides occur because people think that the world is revolving around them and they are held responsible for all their failures. Or for that matter they also think in the other way. They are anguished by the acts of other people or circumstances and end up in this drastic step. 


The recent tragic ends of several TV artists including Sai Prashanth Sai Prashanth is a well known serial actor who has >> Read More... Sai Prashanth , Prathyusha Banerjee and Sabarna, have indeed raised a question or two. Are they not able to cope up with the pressures? Is it a well-decided step or an impulsive act? For some committing suicide is something unconceivable that they are not able to get the exact scenario in their mind. But as far as one could guess, these people get stressed easily and are caught in a quagmire of what to do next. They are just not able to come in terms with their failures and hence take the drastic step.

Several celebrities are caught in depression, anxiety and several other problems. The saddening part is they would have been doing well their profession too. In this context, it is very important that various associations are formed to listen to the woes of these people.


The obsession with perfection will be seen in many people and this is perhaps one of the reasons for committing suicide. We should realize that when we have the obsession with perfection we are indeed doing our best. So here then, we should give importance to the point that we are doing our best rather than being focused on perfection. If we do our work diligently in our professional life, success will surely follow. The drive to perfection is in fact taxing but it can be handled. And for those who don’t vent out their problems to others but take this extreme step the message is: come out of your problems, share it with others, or even if you don’t share it with others, don’t be frustrated. There is a solution for any problem and this is learnt through experience.


We are in a busy world but still we all empathize with our fellow beings. So the need of the hour is to be tension-free and not to take the drastic step as suicide.