Top 6 Tamil Short Films Of 2015

Top 6 Tamil Short Films Of 2015 Tamil Article

Short films, though have a short span, often have messages. Without a message, there is no use of making a short film. These films have the advantage of conveying even a subtle message within a short span. Certain short films in Tamil have made their entry during 2015. Here is a list of top 6 short films of 2015.

The Dark

This is a short film taken with a primary focus on the dark. It beautifully shows the emotions of a dumb girl who is all alone in the house, when her mother goes to the shop in the evening. The girl has expressed her emotions well. Also, she happens to read a book that deals with some tribals. After reading that there is a beam in her face! 

Maatru Azhaipu

This short film is very beautifully shot. A youngster happens to see the mobile phone of some person lying in the road. He picks it up and answers a call; the person on the other end asks him to give an enormous sum of money. This guy says that it is not his mobile, but the other person persists. In the meantime, the youngster receives a call from another person asking him to come to a specific address. Our hero goes to that place, saves the individual who is harassed by the rowdies, and retrieves the latter's laptop. When the kidnapped person profusely thanks the hero and explains his story that he had an affair with another girl that is the cause of this problem (the intimate photos are in a pen drive), the hero casually looks at the laptop. He is awestruck! Watch the short film to find out what happens next. 

The Strike Day

A guy is enjoying the beach when his mother calls him and asks him to come to his native place. The next day is Bandh and the guy travels by car. An old couple asks for lift and he hesitatingly accepts. The couple pesters him with questions. Another young girl, much to the joy of the guy, asks for a lift, and he accepts. The guy is very much attracted towards the girl. The couple gets down after some time.  The guy introduces himself to the girl, and they talk nicely. After some time, the man misbehaves with the girl and she also relents. He drops her in her destination and goes to his home. His mother takes him to see a girl for marriage and to the guy's surprise it is the same girl with whom he misbehaved! The girl was also in for a shock. Finally, the man declines the proposal. What a dirty world!


This film shows the struggle of an ordinary guy who is earnestly trying for a job. Talented persons are not given job. It is a herculean task to have a job today. The guy is very depressed and walks on the road. He sees a 50 rupees note and puts in his purse. He is cornered by some rowdies, and he runs for his life. He finally escapes from their clutches. In the meantime, a girl of about 8 years asks him whether he saw any 50 rupees note on the road. He denies, and the girl says that she has her share of sorrows. She gets engrossed in telling her sad story. Again the guy is being cornered by the rowdies. They search him in and out and find the 50 Rs note. They get angry and beat him black and blue. The guy contemplates on the loneliness of the girl. The guy hits the rowdies black and blue and gets back his rupees 50 note. He buys a balloon for the girl and makes her happy. After that he returns to his room and when his friends enquire him about the interview, he just walks away. In the meantime, his friend picks up his call, and the person at the other end says that the hero got a job! And the hero of the story is seen crying in the bathroom thinking about his daily struggles!

The Fear Book

What happens when the dead come alive and interact through Facebook? This is the crux of this film. Vasu is living with his wife Ramya in LA, and a person in the name of Prakash (Vasu's friend) spills beans about Vasu's lover Ammu. Finally, Vasu and Ramya learn that Prakash is Ajay, another friend of Vasu. Ammu (who  died in an accident along with Ajay, while trying to contact Vasu and ask him to get married to her) comes to Vasu's home and expresses her anguish. And she is seen updating her videos in FB!

En Iniya Pon Nilavae

Megha is an excellent writer and is into blogging. She just wants to talk and write a lot. She asks her husband about his first love story since she wishes to have an idea for a story. But he doesn't want to speak about the past. After hesitating a lot, he tells about the past. He says that his lover gave him a gift but refuses to divulge it. The wife says that she got the story and asked him not to think too much about the past love. Later the couple decide not to talk about the past, in a matured manner. A feel-good flick indeed! The onscreen couple is really cute.