Top 10 Spookiest Films Produced By The South Industry

Top 10 Spookiest Films Produced By The South Industry Tamil Article

Since its inception, South Industry has been renowned for creating high-caliber films. They don't simply produce the blockbuster film; but also make sure they are exciting and moralistic.  South directors experiment a lot, but they know what the general public wants. Despite all, when it appears on screen, the movies are artistic and imaginative. We all enjoy scary films that startle us right away. You would be utterly terrified by the BGM and VFX techniques used in the horror films produced in the South Industry. Here are the top 10 spookiest movies from the South Indian film industry that will keep you up at night :

1. Bhoothakalam

The latest horror release of the Mollywood industry,  where the storyline revolves around a single mother with mental issues, and her son with similar physiatric problems. The depicted scenarios are utterly horrific and keep you in their grip throughout. If you see this movie, darkness can linger in your mind for some time.


2. Game Over

A masterwork of unorthodox Tamil physiological thriller. For fans of suspense and crime scenes, this is a must-see film. Tapsee Pannu, the lead actress, gave a standout performance until every end. You’d be glued to the screen till the ending, thanks to the surprising plot. Additionally, if you are easily disturbed, this may not be the ideal option for you.

3. Aval

Aval is a horror drama directed by Tamil filmmaker Milind Rau Milind Rau is a Tamil film writer and director. He >> Read More... Milind Rau . A top-notch horror thriller with heart-pounding sequences, starring Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah It is sometimes fascinating to read about how film >> Read More... Andrea Jeremiah . It jump-scares you immediately with the terrifying exorcism scenes that are on par with those in a Hollywood horror film. A fan of spooky movies won't be let down by the narrative script, acting, surprising story twists, or the ominous BGM.


4. Pisassu

A fantastic Tamil horror film Tamil with a unique plot. As you witness the movie's climax, your emotions will become conflicted, and you might experience a turnover and feel sorry for both the ghost and the hero. With this terrifying thriller of Myskkin Directions, you'll surely be stuck on the edge of your seat.


5. 6-5=2

Six friends reconcile and go hiking in the Kannada horror movie 6-5=2, which is supposedly based on an accurate tale. They start to encounter unusual paranormal events there. The majority of the film is made up of what the directors insist is original trekking footage. This is a scary and weird story, not your typical horror movie with a ghost showing up on the screen. Thus, observe at your own risk!


6. Maya

Well, horror films usually lack logic, but Maya is an exception. A well-written crime-themed horror film with elements of the supernatural. The audience’s favourite aspect was the superb cinematography and script. The ensemble, including lead actress Nayanthara, contributed their best efforts to the film.


7. U Turn Click to look into! >> Read More... U Turn

A supernatural Kannada movie called “U Turn” is based on tragic rule breakers. Samantha Prabhu and Aadhi play critical parts in the exciting plot. U Turn offers an emotional plot twist that keeps you guessing untilll the big reveal and conveys an excellent message to the viewers.


8. Demonte Colony Click to look into! >> Read More... Demonte Colony

A horror movie with twists is Demonte Colony. One of Tamil cinema's most spookiest production that tells the tale of four friends who stop in a haunted house on their way to an adventure. When one of them takes a necklace, things quickly turn adverse involving paranormal activity. The ambiance of the film is spine-chilling , despite its cheap budget.


9. Bhaagamathie

Telugu horror film Bhaagamathie, starring Anushkha Shetty, is spine-chilling. With its jump-scare sequences, this horror film may initially seem slightly little confusing to you. Due to the movie's delayed finale, the first half of the film may appear a little slow, but the entire script's ending is intriguing and undoubtedly a brilliant idea!

10. Chathur Mukham

Chathur Mukham is the first techno horror Malayalam movie. It can be risky to experiment with a brand-new genre that is utterly out of the ordinary, but the entire ensemble did a terrific job. The BGM and camera work have given the film a fantastic edge. If you're a cell phone addict, this movie can help you kick the habit.