Top 10 Movies Of MGR-Saroja Devi Together

Top 10 Movies Of MGR-Saroja Devi Together  Tamil Article

1) "" (1966)

This is a story of a hopeless man, who is the son of a rich heiress. He started thinking about his life and decides to get married to change his fortune and get responsible. But after marriage things doesn't happen as expected.



2) "Dheiva Thaai" (1964)


A man addicted to gambling. He gets addicted to it just because he killed someone. His son who is a CID officer starts to investigate about that Gang in town which is none other than his father's gang.



3) "En Kadamai" (1964)

A story of a police officer gives shelter and support for a woman, to fight for her rights; against a rich man in court. Alongside, he falls in love with that rich man's daughter. Will the justice be on his side?



4) "Enga Veettu Pillai" (1965)


Twins get separated as soon as they were born. While living life, they get exchanged with other’s family. One fights for the right and the other learns to fight for the right. They both meet and teach a lesson to the villain.



5) " Nadodi Click to look into! >> Read More... Nadodi " (1966)


A man started loving a girl, but she suicides just because of her dad who refused their love. That man jumps to the sister of the dead girl. What happens next is the climax.


6) "Thayin Madiyil" (1964)

This is a story of a jockey who is successful at young age. He comes out in search of his lost father and also wants to take revenge from those people who killed his mother.


7) "Thayai Katha Thanayan" (1962)

A young boy is in love with a poor girl. Many problems come just because of their background factor. How these unwanted circumstances get dribbled away by this couple is the story.


8) "Panakkara Kudumbam" (1964)

This is a moral story for those people who disregard everything. They do it for money and power leaving love and relations behind. A worth watch movie which was a super hit.


9) "Panathottam" (1963)

A man gets arrested and gets thrown in jail, and the reason was for selling bills done with forgery. Even though he wasn't guilty, he had to escape and finds the real culprit. What happens next is the story.


10) "Dharmam Thalai Kaakkum" (1963)

This is a story of masked killers who kill someone for money and the Hero comes to the scene by when they escape with the dead body. The Hero along with police starts to investigate. Meanwhile, he falls in love, will the Hero get his love and tear leader of mask killers is the story.