Top 10 Kollywood Celebrities With Most Followers On Instagram

Top 10 Kollywood Celebrities With Most Followers On Instagram Tamil Article

Instagram gives us an insight into the lifestyle, food habits, hobbies, and interests of all people the same, even for celebrities. ‘Insta- following’ is all based on the quality of the posts and how interesting they are. Popularity on Instagram is based on the number of followers and likes. Since Instagram's story option gives us insiders view in real-time, and the live option gives us a chance to connect with them directly, following their favorite celebrities excites the followers.  

Kajal Aggarwal Kajal Aggarwal is a modern Indian model and film a >> Read More... Kajal Aggarwal – 15 M Followers


Her Instagram is filled with elegant photo shoots, gorgeous makeovers, and beautiful dress apparel. She also has a passion for cooking; she had recently cooked carrot cake, brownies, and even samosas! She has also advised the fellow citizens to stay indoors by following lockdown protocols. The cutest pictures are the ones with her nephew, Ishaan. Ishaan, the toddler is her sister’s son.

Shruti Haasan Shruti Hassan is an Indian film actress born on 28 >> Read More... Shruti Haasan - 14.7 M Followers


From her witty comments with Danish Sait Danish Sait is an Indian TV Presenter, Radio Host, >> Read More... Danish Sait , goofy stories where she is exhausted right after working out, her narrative cooking, her makeup hacks, her ferocious cat, Clara, which scratches her at times, to her soulful music, in which she absorbs herself into some fantasy world. She posts workout tips. She has also recently voiced her opinions on plastic surgeries, openly stating that she had had work done on her lips. She is a broad-minded person and claimed that it is up to an individual what they choose to do with their body. She is also very fond of her sister Akshara Haasan Akshara Haasan is an eminent Indian screenwriter, >> Read More... Akshara Haasan and adores her father, Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan .

Ileana D’cruz - 12.8 M Followers


One thing we learn about Ileana on looking at her Instagram is that she loves beaches. She has taken a vacation to almost all beaches. She has also denied the pregnancy claims by saying that she is not pregnant with an Instagram post. She was a patient, sick with dysmorphia, that is, body image issues. She said that she was never happy with her body and that she was never slim enough, and so, she resorted to starving herself. These conditions are called bulimia and anorexia. Ileana picked herself up, fighting her way out of her body-image issues. Now, she is a body-positive person and is much better.

Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia is a well known actress in Tamil >> Read More... Tamannaah Bhatia - 11.3 M Followers


Adorned with her flawless beauty, Tamannaah’s Instagram profile is the one to follow. She stresses the importance of fitness and posts the promo and trailers of her series and movies. She is also really close to her dad. She is ever so relatable during this pandemic situation, putting up a post that says that the pandemic is like an emotional rollercoaster. The skylight views from her apartment leave us awestruck.


Dulquer Salmaan Dulquer Salmaan is a popular Malayalam actor, who >> Read More... Dulquer Salmaan - 6.3 M Followers


Starring in a few Tamil movies, he earned a place in the Tamil audience’s hearts with his natural charm, smile, and body language. His rugged overgrown hair and beard, his wishes through posts to his old buddies on their birthday, his poems for his daughter, his being a dad without a dad 'bod' but a rocking one, what is not to like in this profile? His photoshoot pictures are a sight to ponder upon for a while.

Aditi Rao Hydari As her title may be suggesting, Aditi the talente >> Read More... Aditi Rao Hydari - 5.4 M Followers


Aditi Rao radiates natural beauty. Even though she has acted in only a few Tamil movies, she has proved to be a very decent actor. She has two dogs, Zoe, and Gigi. She loves doing yoga and she is a master class at it. She has also raised awareness regarding the coronavirus pandemic and has been donating money to those afflicted by the disease and encouraging others to do so too. It is astounding how her pastel palette wardrobe and her minimal makeup does wonder on her.

Hansika Motwani Hansika Motwani is a young and beautiful actress, >> Read More... Hansika Motwani - 3.9 M Followers

Contrary to most of her portrayals in Tamil cinema as a homely, innocent girl, Hansika is a witty and broad-minded person. She has a high-end wardrobe and likes to travel a lot. Her bio reads ‘CEO of a free spirit.’ Every caption is goofy, sassy, and funny. During the lockdown, she has done a lot of indoor photoshoots by herself. She had gone on a lot of vacations to the Maldives, and she posts major throwbacks reminiscing those days.

Anirudh Ravichander The name Anirudh does not need any introduction do >> Read More... Anirudh Ravichander - 3.8 M Followers

Anirudh’s Instagram houses his amazing geometrical studio with him going away on his tunes. He also uploads his childhood picture with the caption ‘Minirudh.’ He took up a project during this lockdown with ' Sivakarthikeyan Sivakarthikeyan is a stand-up comedian, actor, and >> Read More... Sivakarthikeyan ' for his movie 'Doctor.’ They have performed and released a video that gave us something to enjoy during this pandemic. It was a catchy tune, which made us forget the corona awareness voiceover every time we make a call.

Anushka Shetty Anushka Shetty is the popular South Indian star wh >> Read More... Anushka Shetty - 3.7 M Followers

Anushka worked her way up the stardom ladder. Her Instagram pictures tell us about her personality. She gives importance to friends, family, and fans. We can see very few pictures of her alone. She had recently reached 3M followers. Her best friend, Rana, got married, and she wished the couple a happy married life. She is a simple, hardworking, and a good-hearted person.

Amala Paul Amala Paul is the super talented star of South Ind >> Read More... Amala Paul - 3.5 M Followers

Amala Paul’s Instagram has filled with her modeling pictures and her hangouts with her friends. The most interesting thing is her photo story called ‘Dreaming big and wild.’ She takes it in chapters and imparts wisdom through witty and relatable captions based on her experience in life. She is also a women-centric about her feelings on societal norms. She has dedicated a post supporting women in toxic relationships and helping them free themselves. Amala Paul is a wonder woman, for trying to help out fellow sisters in misery.