Cho Played An Important Role In Tamilnadu Politics

Cho Played An Important Role In Tamilnadu Politics Tamil Article

 Cho Ramaswamy, the veteran thespian, political analyst and screenplay writer played a pivotal role in Tamilnadu Politics. He was born in Chennai Mylapore. The 82-year-old genius passed away on 7th December 2016, a day after Tamilnadu CM Dr “Jayalalithaa” passed away. Right from 2015, Cho had been suffering from health issues including breathing trouble and knee pain. Jayalalithaa, Narendra Modi and “Karunanidhi” visited Cho, when he was at the hospital. Cho had been a good friend and political analyst to Madam Jayalalithaa. He entered cinema as a comedy star.


Although Cho was a comedy actor, his dialogues were sharp and touched the nook and corner of politics. He had been a multifaceted man; an advocate, political critic, best writer, actor and editor of Thuglak. Cho had a tremendous sense of humor. Cho had a good connection with higher authorities as he belongs to cinema and media. That is the reason why the veteran acted as a good mediator between two parties. In his cinema career, he had performed in more than 200 films as an actor.

Cho had been a good friend to “Rajinikanth” too. Besides acting in cinema, Cho had directed four films, scripted movies. He had penned screenplays for 14 films. Cho had been a perfect author too. He had penned 25 books including, Mahabharatham Pesugiradhu, Indhu Maha Samuthiram, Valmiki Ramayanam, Enge Bhramanan, Aen Koodadhu and Washingtonil Nallathambi. Although Cho had criticized the political parties, he always limited his words. Cho had a tough word fight with DMK.



But he had been in a good relationship with the party leader, Karunanidhi. Similarly, Cho had a good rapport with ADMK and BJP. But, he hadn’t supported all they did. He had pinpointed their mistakes, whenever needed. It should be noted that Cho was the first person to recommend Modi as a Prime Minister candidate. Cho had been a member of Rajya Sabha. Cho had a good rapport with all the political leaders and also maintained his uniqueness. That is the reason why his death had made the people shed tears.