Top 10 Evergreen Songs In Sandalwood

Top 10 Evergreen Songs In Sandalwood Kannada Article

Songs are like a friend to everyone. There is no person who can stay without music in life. At some point in time, maybe happy or sad, songs help a person in their feelings. Here is a list of evergreen songs which has been the most voted among music lovers. Best Kannada songs of all time has been listed for you as below.

1. Nammoora Mandaara- Aalemane

Starring Suresh Heblikar and Roopa Chakravarthy in the song, it is from the movie “Aalemane”. Its meaning has created a very strong impression on the audiences’ hearts. Sung by S.P.B., it is still famous among the crowd of Kannada music lovers. This has been on the Top 10 Kannada songs of all time list for a long time.


2. Nooru Janmaku- America America

America America is a movie of the 1990s, and it stars Ramesh Arvind. This song is famous for its melody and its meaning. Even kids who were not born at that time also recognize this song. Songs Kannada list never ends with such beautiful creations from such fabulous writers and singers.


3. Yava Mohana Murali Kareyithu- America America


This is the second song from the movie America America, which is in the list of evergreen songs. This movie has given amazing songs to the industry which are both melodious and meaningful. Youtube Kannada Videos has the most views for such songs.

4. Preethiyalli Iro Sukha


Starring Ravi Chandran, the romantic king, this song has got out the feeling of true love. This is still the hot favorite song of many love birds in the city. This song has attracted many audiences. Watching such videos in TV or Youtube is still fun. Adding such Lyrics into tracks is much needed in every movie to reach great heights


5. Naliva Gulabi Hoove- Auto Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... Auto Raja

This song is the first song which brought out love in the form of flowers, especially the rose. Starring Shankar Nag Shankar Nag, most influential and talented Kannada >> Read More... Shankar Nag , it is from the movie “Auto Raja”. The movie was a hit so were its songs. Sharing of such songs in colleges also is become regular.


6. Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma- Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma


Starring the God of Sandalwood, Dr. Rajkumar, Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma movie was an amazing movie which attracted a lot of audiences. The songs in this movie became super hits, and it was a common song on people’s tongues. Watching such Movies is a delight.

7. Devaru Varavanu Kotre

Friends was a movie based on four friends in Bangalore city. This movie attracted a lot of youngsters since it was the story of almost all youngsters. Devaru Varavanu Kotre is a famous song among youngsters in the early 2000's. Duration of such songs may be longer than the regular songs now a days.

8. Santhoshakke- Geetha

Santhoshakke song starred Shankar Nag and was a popular song for dances at that time. It attracted many audiences because of its fast beat. The movie was a box-office hit too. In those days queue for booking movie tickets or buying audio cassettes could be seen for Shankar Nag Movies.

9. Jotheyali Jothe Jotheyali- Geetha

This is the second song from the movie Geetha, which is in the list of top 10 evergreen songs in Sandalwood. This is famous among couples since it brings out the meaning of togetherness in it.

10. ‘Haayagi’- Haalu Jenu

Haayagi Kulithiru Neenu is the song from the movie Haalu Jenu which starred Dr.Rajkumar, and it became hugely famous amongst house wives who struggled and wasted their lives working for their family. This song gets the importance of rest to the house wives.