Top RJs Of 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi Delhi

Top RJs Of 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi Delhi Hindi Article

Yes, being an ardent fan of the jockeys, I accept that radio was once discarded by Indians owing to the popularity of video. And there was huge responsibility on the RJs to bring back the craze for radio, especially FM radio. And now the pleasant news is that radio has risen like the phoenix from the ashes and our mornings look somewhat dull without the chatting of these lovely RJs. And the main thing is that we don’t feel lonely when our radio is tuned, with the backdrop of these RJs. Now let’s see some of the happening RJs of 98.3 fm Radio Mirchi Delhi.

1. RJ Naved RJ Naved is a TV and radio show host. His prime mo >> Read More... RJ Naved


Pranks and RJ Naved are synonymous with each other. This extremely loved RJ of Delhi has got a tremendous fan following and his Facebook following (which has crossed a million followers) evince this statement. The historic ‘P hattoo’ series had the listeners rolling out with laughter and Naved presented it with his signature style of wittiness and smartness. His mimicry is also good and some of his Murga series (where he connects with a listener and does a prank; the listener will get vexed but ultimately when Naved discloses his identity should I tell that your eyes will water?) also gained the attention of the audiences. To be precise, you expect him to be humorous and he doesn’t disappoint you.

2. Rj Sukriti RJ Sukriti is an Indian Radio Jockey. She works as >> Read More... Rj Sukriti


Meethi Mirchi is a show hosted by this sweet and young RJ. The afternoons get a new blossom with evergreen melodious songs played by Sukriti. She has a very friendly attitude and she just makes us fall for her voice. Apart from RJ-ing this complete entertainer, who has high regards for her mentor RJ Naved, is active in social networking. You can also find her making some hilarious videos on present issues. After all, seriousness should be told with a tinge of humor, isn’t it right?

3. Rj Arjit Arijit is an Indian Radio Jockey. He works in the >> Read More... Rj Arjit


This passionate RJ has a spontaneous style of RJ-ing. His show ‘Radio Ka Odd Even’ will help you digest the odds of traffic. Arjit, along with Abhinav, hosts this show and the show will share with you the hot headlines, tinsel-town tidbits, and some of the news of Delhi with the right flavor of sarcasm and fun. The two jockeys may be different from each other but they share an ultimate rapport that makes this show a success.

4. Rj Abhinav RJ Abhinav is an Indian Radio Jockey. He was born >> Read More... Rj Abhinav


He is also equally exuberant as his colleague RJ Arjit while hosting the show ‘Radio Ka Odd Even’. The hilarious behavior of these two, coupled with a tinge of sarcasm (as said before) is enough to tickle the humor bones in you.


5. Rj Recharge Rohit RJ Recharge Rohit is the stage name of Rohit Vargh >> Read More... Rj Recharge Rohit


We all want our mornings to heighten our spirits so that it sustains throughout the day. And when you hear ‘Hi Delhi’, presented by Recharge Rohit, it will surely “recharge” your day. It is not a common thing that a youngster like Rohit is offered with the prime time slot in 2014. The superhit songs that he plays will make you forget the tiring traffic, and not to miss the game “Sawaal Pe Sawaal” where he says that it is a herculean task to beat him. For this itself you can join him and prove that his notion is wrong. RJ Recharge Rohit also holds RJ Naved in high esteem.

6. Rj Sayema Sayema Rehman is a beautiful and poetic personalit >> Read More... Rj Sayema


This lovely RJ has the credit of being part of the longest running show on Mirchi. And yes, it’s ‘ Purani Jeans Click to look into! >> Read More... Purani Jeans ’ where Sayema plays evergreen melodies for over a decade. Though she has been in the show for a long time, she takes the pressure in her stride. She is able to build a link between the young and old generation alike with her spontaneous approach. The reputation of Purani Jeans, which is played from 9 pm to midnight, has been stable for years. Sayema has also won an award. Sayema has intense warmth in her that pulls her to the listeners. She was the National Music Manager of Radio Mirchi in 2012. And yes, should I tell you that she is also in awe of RJ Naved?

7. RJ Jassi Jassi is a Delhi based RJ (Radio Jockey). RJ Jassi >> Read More... RJ Jassi

RJ Jassi hosts the show ‘Meethi Mirchi with Jassi’ in the morning. Just relax and hear the songs played by her. She has an amiable nature that pulls the audiences to her. Also every Thursday Jassi will take you on a journey across the mesmerizing city of Delhi through her show ‘Dekho Dilli like Jassi’. Everything that our favorite Dilli bestows upon us including food, tradition, culture etc., is talked about by this sprightly RJ. And for an ardent traveller like Jassi it is only a pleasure to present the show.