RJ Naved is a TV and radio show host. His prime motive is to entertain people with a dose of laughter. He has been associated with the channel, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM as a radio jockey, since his early days of his career, but he shot to prominence with the show, ‘Mirchi Murga’. He has been a RJ for over one and a half decades now. He is a three-time award winner of ‘Best Sparkler’ (comedy) award. He even won the national television award for ‘2G’ and received the Golden Mike RJ of the Year Award once. When he hosted the show, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, his program came to be known as ‘Dilli Ka Don’. It started at 5 PM and ended at 9 PM. RJ Naved has the talent of mimicking people since his childhood days, and thus, he could discuss any issue in his program in the FM channel with a dose of laughter very easily. He used to experiment his voice by mimicking people only.

Before his radio jockey profession, he was working as a customer executive for a mobile company. It was only in the year 2000 when Radio Mirchi was looking for RJ talent hunt that he recorded his voice and sent them his recorded voice. He was selected after a couple of auditions, and since then he has been with this Radio Mirchi FM channel. He proudly feels that he wants to connect to people through his show, which is based on the unity of people and the country. Sometimes he picks up humor issues, but even that remains just satirical and does not hurt anyone. He feels proud that an RJ job today is not just confined to music and is even possible through discussing social issues.

After having spent so many years as an RJ in a radio station, he wants to build a school where he would teach the younger generation about radio jockey skills. He does not want any biased viewers on his programming and even does not like the idea of nurturing future radio jockeys to grow bias on any issue. He always feels that it is the role of a RJ to speak out of their heart. One of his dreams is to open a RJ school, so we wish him all the best. The natural voice over artist was born in Uttar Pradesh, and painting and acting have always been his hobbies .