RJ Recharge Rohit is the stage name of Rohit Varghese. He is an Indian Radio Jockey. He works for the famous Radio Network – Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM which goes with the signature line “It’s Hot!” This is India’s biggest national network with stations in all the major cities. RJ Recharge Rohit works at the Delhi outlet of the Times Group-owned Radio Network. The host of a morning prime time show in Delhi, Rohit started RJing from a very young age. He was discovered in an RJ Hunt at the young age of just 17. At this age, he won the Hunt called Radio Mirchi Cool Jack. After his selection, he has only paved his way up in the Radio Industry and is now considered as one of India’s top 10 RJs.

He has anchored numerous shows including corporate events, marathons and movie premieres of some top notch Bollywood movies. Rohit has revealed in interviews that he is a people’s person and being an extrovert, he loves to meet new people, talk around and make friends. At the same time, he prefers to have some time to himself and maintain his own personal space. He likes to bend and sometimes break rules. His sole objective in this is to make the world for the people around himself a more enjoyable place. Rohit considers RJ Naved RJ Naved is a TV and radio show host. His prime mo >> Read More... RJ Naved as a mentor and holds him in very high esteem and regard. As he reviews movies in his show, he is used to watching each and every movie as soon as it releases. His favourites are Andaaz Apna Apna and The Boat that Rocked. He describes himself as a very easy going and chilled out guy. He doesn’t like reading books, however, his interests lie in sports. Badminton and swimming are his most liked sports. One of the most precious moments in his life was when he made a movie in his Media College. His movie got a lot of acclaims and is now shown to the students as a sample of exemplary work.

Rohit has revealed that the biggest turn off for him are arrogant people. Recharge Rohit presents the hit show Hi Delhi which is broadcasted in the morning. He is known to play the most trending and loved songs to make his listeners forget their morning hues and get through the traffic jams. His popular game Sawaal Pe Sawaal has also garnered the attention of many listeners towards his shows. His act of “Dharna Kumar” where he takes the role of a conspiracy king trying to find scam n all small things along with his wife. Apart from his career in Radio, he is a professional ventriloquist. Furthermore, he was a DJ and a voice over artist. He has also done several TV shows. He has won the Radio Mirchi Cool Jack Award in the year 2008. In the following year, he won the Radio One College Champions Award. He was also the semi-finalist at the Café Mic Testing competition which was held by Zee Café Network.

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RJ Recharge Rohit is one among the top RJs in India. He was born in the year 1991. He has been working in the popular Radio station FM Radio Mirchi Delhi from the age of 17. Rohit is a funny guy, who wants to mingle with people and live a social life. He has been awarded twice for being a cool jockey. In 2008, he was awarded as Radio Mirchi Cool Jock. In 2009, Rohit was awarded as Radio One College Champions. He was the semi-finalist in Zee Café’s Café Mic Testing. Besides radio jockeying, Rohit had been a disc jockey and voice-over artist.

Rohit got the opportunity to join Radio Mirchi when an audition for the Radio Jockeys was held in 2008 and he was doing his college first year. He successfully passed the test and won the award Cool Jock. Besides this, he has been anchoring a lot of shows, film premieres, corporate events and marathons too. Rohit is the only RJ to host the prime-time slot at a very young age. When he was offered the show Recharge Rohit, the young RJ couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. After gaining three years of experience, Rohit got the opportunity to host the prime time slot. From 2014, his professional life is edging to the top. As Rohit’s mom is the fan of All India Radio, Rohit developed a love on the Radio programs. Slowly, it turned into a passion, which paved him the way to a good career.

RJ Rohit considers RJ Naved as his mentor. He had shared the workspace with Naved. Rohit’s memorable show is with the Aam Aadmi Party leader cum Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. Rohit has developed a lot of changes in his programs and one among them is Mirchi Dialogue, which speaks about the new aspects of the show’s guests.

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Rj Abhinav

RJ Abhinav is an Indian Radio Jockey. He was born as well as grew up in Delhi. He works for the Delhi outlet of India’s most popular radio network – Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. It is popular with the tagline, “Radio Mirchi – It’s Hot.” The network is owned by Entertainment Network India Limited, and spans over 32 Indian cities, making it the largest radio networks in India. Radio Mirchi is credited for finding some of the greatest RJs of the radio circuit and RJ Abhinav is one of their discoveries. He is known for his show Radio Ka Odd Even. RJ Abhinav is a hard-core lover of music. One of his favourite bands is XTC. The song by the band – I’d Like That is Abhinav’s favourite song. Not only he likes listening to songs but he also likes the occasional humming. He has learnt how to play instruments like the guitar. He has made several videos, which are available on YouTube and his other social media handles, in which he can be seen singing. He often enjoys making parodies of popular song as he thinks it is a way of harmless comedy. His parodies are quite popular amongst his listeners. The Libran, Abhinav, has a quick wit and is known for his out of the box, spontaneous answers to even the simplest of questions. This makes him popular on the show and the listeners enjoy his witty nature. He has a narrative style of RJing. Apart from music, and his work life, Abhinav enjoys watching movies. Gunda, Ghatotkach, Loha, and MSG are some of his favourite flicks. His most loved actor is Nawazuddin Siddique. Amongst outdoor passions, Abhinav likes travelling and sports. Football and Basketball are his favourites. However, he likes simple and fun indoor games like thumb fighting. RJ Abhinav hosts the popular show of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Delhi – Radio Ka Odd Even. The show airs throughout the week, except on Sundays, at the prime evening slot of 5 pm. Abhinav helps his listeners by covering all the important news as well as the gossip of the day. He also lays out the current traffic locations to help his audience commute fast. He co-hosts the show with RJ Arijit. Although the pair is very different from each other, they are known for their amazing chemistry and the perfect blend. Their bromance and spontaneous answers are enjoyed by their audiences in Delhi.


Rj Sayema

Sayema Rehman is a beautiful and poetic personality who hosts the popular late night show “Purani Jeans” on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM.The show started in 2003 and has since generated a large fan base for her, also winning accolades from fans abroad. Her melodious-yet-deep voice, perfect enunciation and a great sense of humor have made her connect to her listeners. The U.P.-born girl Sayema got poetic inspirations from her father, Mr. Oazir-e-Rehman. The radio jockey has won hearts in her long journey of being an award-winning RJ, to a show producer and currently the national music producer of Radio Mirchi. For her, “when all that is average becomes excellent, excellence then becomes average.” Her journey of becoming an RJ began when she was just in the twelfth standard. To this date, she reminisces the incident that gave a start to her career, with a smile. Her father had got a music system with a karaoke mic, and young Sayema out of love for reading news in AIR format(which she did every time she was back home from school), picked up the mic and recorded a news bulletin by herself. Once, while making her friend listen to the same recording, her father heard it as well coincidentally, without Sayema’s knowledge. Out of fear, when she saw her father, she turned off the music system, her father told her,” I have told you hundreds of times not to switch off the radio whenever there is a news read.” Surprised as she was, Sayema then proceeded to tell her father the truth behind that news read and even showed interest a keen interest in making a career in the radio industry. Her father was surprised and appreciated his daughter’s capability and fluency at reading the news. Sayema then contacted the AIR and told them that she was interested in news-reading. However, since she was not a graduate, and that was the minimum qualification that one required to become a news-reader in AIR, she waited for it, and the rest, as well all know, is history. Apart from being a fabulous RJ, Sayema is also very much into academics. She has an M.Phil. Degree in social work. She had plans of becoming a lecturer, had it not been an RJ. She loves reading novels during her free time, and “Little Prince” is one of her favourites. She has already read it 35 times and is to complete it for the 36th time. She is a great food-lover and loves Mughlai as well as Chinese cuisines She is a die-hard fan of Aamir Khan, Balraj Sahni, and Farhan Akhtar. Her favourite movies include Three idiots, Mother India and, Rock On. For Sayema, “Purani Jeans” is her love, and the core essence of this show lies in the audience who follow it. Sayema loves listening to songs from the Golden Era of 70’s and 80’s. According to her, there’s a different connection between her and the old classics, and she understands them differently. That may be the probable reason of why “Purani Jeans” has become the most popular radio show among the listeners. Sayema believes in “Believable” RJ-ing, is an ardent table-tennis player, and has acted in the movie “Vicky Donor”, which makes her an all-rounder in the truest sense. She has, undoubtedly become an individual brand through her RJing and will continue to mesmerise people with that sweet, melodious voice of hers!

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