Top 10 Vikram Bhatt’s Web Series

Top 10 Vikram Bhatt’s Web Series Hindi Article

Whenever we want to see the new content, we go to television, which is loaded with several good web series, not like daily soaps, which you have to wait for years to reach a specific point. The storyline of the web series is suitable to binge-watch this weekend. Especially when the filmmaker is the talented and creative Vikram Bhatt Vikram Bhatt (Born 1969) is a prominent film direc >> Read More... Vikram Bhatt , he releases fresh storylines that make you glued to the television. Here is the list of web series, written by Vikram Bhatt.



Gehraiyaan is Vikram Bhatt's one of the most viewed web series, based on the horror genre, directed by Sidhant Sachdeva. It revolves around A girl named Reyna Malik ( Sanjeeda Shaikh), a surgeon. But after an incident, she wasn't able to do surgery. After struggling, she finally recovered and decided to plan the surgery. When she starts to do surgery, the lights explode, and it is postponed. When Reyna enters her apartment, she feels paranormal activities in it. After that, she shared this incident with her best friend, doctor Shekhar, who doesn't believe her. One day she met a man named Sahil Arora (Vatsal Seth) in the lift. Reyna found him attractive, and he invited her to his apartment. When she entered his apartment, she saw some creepy things. But after some time it disappeared. She felt that she had hallucinations. After a few meetings, she fell in love with Sahil Arora, and they started to be in a relationship. One day Sahil disappeared, which made Rayna sad. She searched for Sahil everywhere, and finally, she discovered the hilarious truth about him.



Faceless is the murder mystery web series created by Vikram Bhatt, directed by Satish Shukla, and released on 14 May 2019. It revolves around the murder in a family. Police tried hard to find the murderer, but the culprit is two steps away from them. Isha Thakral ( Purvi Mundada Purvi Mundane was born in India in 1992. She is an >> Read More... Purvi Mundada ) is the youngest daughter of the family who helped DCP Karan Arora ( Sid Makkar Sid Makkar is an Indian film and television person >> Read More... Sid Makkar ) to solve the murder mystery. During the investigation, they both fell in love with each other, but the mystery is yet to be solved. In the end, the twist will shock you.



Twisted is the erotic thriller web series, released on 30 March 2017, written by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Anupam Santosh. Nia Sharma Nia Sharma is a renowned Indian television and fil >> Read More... Nia Sharma played the role of Aliyah Mukherjee, who is seductive and the super iconic model, and Namit Khanna Namit Khanna is an Indian Film and Television Acto >> Read More... Namit Khanna played the role of Ranbir Raichand, the business tycoon. It revolved around the truth of two different persons who diverted the investigation of the murder of Naina Raichand ( Tanvi Vyas Making her debut in the Kollywood blockbuster movi >> Read More... Tanvi Vyas ), wife of Ranbir Raichand. Ranbir has an extramarital affair with Aliyah, and they both give two different statements regarding the murder. The story is full of suspense.


Spotlight, a web series, is created by Vikram Bhatt, and it explores the reality of Bollywood. It released on 26 January 2018. The story revolves around Sana Sanyal ( Trisha Choudhary), a poor girl, who comes to Mumbai city to find her father, who is a famous superstar. She faces many difficulties and unwillingly joins the Bollywood industry. She paid the high price to become a successful actress, which forced her to make relationships with filmmakers. In her acting career, she deeply in love with her co-star Romesh Raj (Sid Makkar), a married man. Her painful journey is worth watching.


Rain is a psychological thriller web series, released on 22 June 2017. It was creatively written by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Anupam Santosh Saroj Anupam Santosh Saroj is a Writer and Director, who >> Read More... Anupam Santosh Saroj . Rain is the story of a girl Barkha ( Priya Banerjee Priya Banerjee is a motion picture actress from Ca >> Read More... Priya Banerjee ), who is suffering from a mental issue and is paranoid. Her best friend, Sia( Kanupriya Gupta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Kanupriya Gupta ), is living with her and taking care of her. Once, there was heavy rainfall outside, and Barkha was experiencing a headache. At midnight, Barkha's ex-boyfriend Kabir (Sid Makkar), arrives. But as the night gets darker, these three characters take the horrible sides, which leads Barka to struggle between reality and imagination. The situation wasn't handled by Barkha and her mental issue made it more complicated.

6. HADH 

Hadh is the web series created by Vikram Bhatt, directed by Sidhant Sachdeva, and released in August 2017. It revolves around the three sons of a business tycoon. As the health of their father deteriorates, he summons all his sons and tells them the capable one will be the inheritor of his business Empire. He digs a hole for his sons, illegitimate son, and the manager to fight against each other for the millions of properties and find out the worthy successor of his business Empire.


Dangerous, the web series, based on the mystery is created by Vikram Bhatt, directed by Bhushan Patel Having known for his horror films in Bollywood Bhu >> Read More... Bhushan Patel , and released on 14 August 2020. It is the story of a famous business tycoon Aditya Dhanraj ( Karan Singh Grover Karan Singh Grover is a famous Indian actor who is >> Read More... Karan Singh Grover ), deeply in love with his wife Dia Dhanraj ( Sonali Raut Sonali Raut is a sizzling, and beautiful Indian mo >> Read More... Sonali Raut ). His life took a terrible turn when his wife goes missing. He decides to search out his wife at any cost but discovers that the case handled by investigator Neha Singh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Neha Singh ( Bipasha Basu Bipasha Basu, born in January 7,1979 in Delhi, is >> Read More... Bipasha Basu ), his ex-girlfriend. During the search for the truth, they found dangerous hidden secrets, murder, and business rivalry.


Zakhmi, the web series, based on revenge, is created by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Arbaaz Ali Moghul Arbaaz Ali Moghul is an Indian director, he starte >> Read More... Arbaaz Ali Moghul . It revolves around a woman Saira ( Tia Bajpai Tia Bajpai is an Indian television, film actress, >> Read More... Tia Bajpai ), who takes revenge for the murder of her beloved husband. In her mission, she is unintentionally involved in a conspiracy, and she has to handle the battle. She received the biggest shock when she got to know that her people are the biggest enemies.


Untouchables is a modern history web series inspired by a real incident created by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Krishna Bhatt Krishna Bhatt is an Indian television and film act >> Read More... Krishna Bhatt . Revolves around a medical Student, Natasha Narang (Sreejita); she has an economic crisis, forced her to be an escort. One day Natasha arrived to meet her customer and decided to quit the shameful job, but the next day, she found herself lying beside a dead body. She ran from the room and panicked. Her dress is full of bloodstains and arrested by cops. She tried hard to prove herself innocent, but no one believed her.


Tantra is an Indian Television web series based on black magic created by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Rajesh Ranshingeit was released on 9 April 2019 on colors TV. Tantra is a story that revolves around black magic. A very respectful family, Khanna can achieve their dream house, Jalsa. When they enter, they feel paranormal activities in it. The youngest daughter of Khanna, Niyati (Sargun Kaur Luthra), protected his family from evil eyes.