Top 10 Dubbing Artists Who Dubbed Our Favorite Cartoon Characters

Top 10 Dubbing Artists Who Dubbed Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Hindi Article

1 – Sonal Kaushal Sonal Kaushal is a voice artist from Delhi, India. >> Read More... Sonal Kaushal

“Sonal Kaushal” known for his famous voice dubbing in many cartoon characters like “Doremon,” “Chota Bheem,” “Powerpuff Girls” where she dubbed a part of “Bubbles,” also dubbed in the show “Billoo Bhai” as “Chitti.” She had also given her voice in “” as “Bubli” & in “Billy Mandy Aur Life Main Haddi” where she dubbed the voice of “Mandy.” She gave voice in Many Animated Films such as “ Toy Story 4 Click to look into! >> Read More... Toy Story 4 ” as “Gabie Gabie,” “Violate” in “Incredibles 2,” and in the film “ Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice in Wonderland (2010), by Tim Burton, was a p >> Read More... Alice Through the Looking Glass ,” where she dubbed the main character “Alice.”


2 – Rajesh Kava Rajesh Kava born in 18 March, 1979 at Gujarat, Ind >> Read More... Rajesh Kava

The dubbing artist has been in many parts of the cartoon character such as in “The Beyblade” where he plays the part of “Ray,” “Ninja Hattori” where he dubbed the voice of “Leo,” and in “Chota Bheem” giving the voice of “Jaggu Bandar.” He also had been lending his voice in many films like “MIB-International,” for “Pawny,” in “ Deadpool Click to look into! >> Read More... Deadpool ” for the character of “Dopinder” also given voice in movie “COCO” for the character, “Hector,” also dubbed a character from “Batman Vs, Superman” as “Lex Luther,” and many Telugu films like “Disco Raja” and “Dashing CM Bharat,”


3 – Sanjay Keni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sanjay Keni

The legendry Dubbing and Mimicry artist had dubbed our all-time favorite show “ Oggy And The Cockroaches It is French based TV series which is more like an >> Read More... Oggy And The Cockroaches ,” where he played all the voices of Bollywood actors in Quaky Comedy way. He is also a Stand Up Comedian who has taken part in many live shown on Television.


4 – Uday Sabnis Pick up any of the well-known artists from the Bol >> Read More... Uday Sabnis

This dubbing artist is part of some Cartoon Shows such as “ The Lion King Click to look into! >> Read More... The Lion King ” where he gave the voice of “Pumba” and in “Powerpuff Girls” he gave his voice to the main villain “Mojo Jojo.” He had also been a part of animated films such as “ The Jungle Book Click to look into! >> Read More... The Jungle Book ” for “Bagheera,” “Kaai” in “Kun Fu Panda 3.” The Artist Click to look into! >> Read More... The Artist also Dubbed for many films such as “Harry Potter,” “Angry Bird,” and being the official voice of “Gibbs” in the whole series of “Pirates Of Caribbean” movie.


5 – Vaibhav Thakkar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vaibhav Thakkar


“Vaibhav Thakkar” is a supremely Talented Dubbing artist, who has dubbed many cartoon series such as “Teen Titans Go” played a character “Robin,” “ Tyson Click to look into! >> Read More... Tyson ” in “Beyblade” series, also in the new animated series of “ Ben 10 Published by Marvel Comics, Ben 10 is an American >> Read More... Ben 10 ” where he dubbed “ Ben Click to look into! >> Read More... Ben ” and “Phineas” in the series “Phineas and Ferb.” He is the official voice of “ Tom Holland Tom Holland is an English dancer and actor. He was >> Read More... Tom Holland ” in every part of “Spiderman” except the “Homecoming,” which is dubbed by “Tiger Shroff.”


6 – Rajesh Shukla Rajesh Shukla is a renowned voice-over artist who >> Read More... Rajesh Shukla

He is the fourth voice of “Mickey Mouse” and been part of “Pokemon” of the character “James,” for the cartoon series “Billoo Bhai.” He gave the voice for the main character “Billoo.” He had also dubbed in movies like “Secret Life of Pet” “Justice League.” “Fantastic Beast” and “Ted.”


7- Ketan Kava Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ketan Kava

The Amazing voice artist has dubbed some of our favorite cartoons like “ Perman Perman, a Japanese manga series airing on Hungama >> Read More... Perman ,” where he dubbed the sound of “Superhero Monkey,” he also played “Robin” in “Teen Titans Go,” also dubbed “Beyblade” as lead part. He is also in part of many films like “Fantastic Beast” and on many Telugu Films.

8 – Wajahat Hasan

The dubbing artist has given more than three voices in the famous cartoon character of “Doremon” as “Suneo” and “Dekisugi,” also he dubbed the main character in “Sonic Hedge” which is an Animated Series.

9 – Prasad Barve Prasad Barve is an Indian voice-dubbing, televisio >> Read More... Prasad Barve

The legendry Dubbing artist has been in all part of our favorites cartoon-like “Pokemon” as “Ash,” “ Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese television serial prod >> Read More... Dragon Ball Z ” as “Vegeta” and “Vegito,” “Jonny Test” as “Bappi Bappu,” “Perman,” “Ninja Hattori” as “Amara.” He also dubbed many films like “X-men,” “ Richie Rich American Sitcoms are famous for their interesting >> Read More... Richie Rich ,” “Kun fu Panda – Series,” and “Fast and Furious” animated series.

10 – Sanket Mhatre Sanket Mhatre works as an actor and voice actor. H >> Read More... Sanket Mhatre

He is one of the famous dubbing artists in the Dubbing industries; he dubbed our favorites cartoon show “Ben 10” as “Ben” and in “Beyblade-Metal Fusion” as the main character. He is the official Hindi voice of Telugu star “ Allu Arjun The actor was born to producer Allu Arvind and Nir >> Read More... Allu Arjun ” and dubbed his all latest films and been the voice of “Deadpool” in the Marvel superhero film; he is also the official Hindi voice of Hollywood hero “Ryan Reynolds.”