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Pick up any of the well-known artists from the Bollywood industry and try looking into the work they do. Most are actors, some being producers and directors along, others make a business of their own and so on. Most people like to do it on the screen, whatever they do. We find very few personalities who though have done movies and been on the big-screen, but who’ve devoted most of their lives for a background job. One such personality in our Indian cinema industry is, Uday Sabnis.

Uday was born on the 7th of June in Thane, Maharashtra. Yes, a new talent was born back then who not only did Hindi movies, but also made his name in the Marathi cinema, and was yet not done. After making his works count in the Indian Cinema Industry, Uday went on for dubbing. In fact, he is known more for his lending of voice, than his acting skills. J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter saw eight movies coming one after the other, and so did Sabnis dubbed the movies in Hindi for the local crowd.

Mentioning about his significant work, we can’t miss out on the voice of Bagheera from The Jungle Book Click to look into! >> Read More... , in Hindi. Other Hollywood blockbusters such as the ‘Batman’ series, ‘Mission Impossible’ series were also translated and re-recorded in his voice. Apart from movies, he has lent his voice for cartoon characters in Pogo, Cartoon Network and many other. Talking of Hindi cinema, we can remember this man from Sarkar, which came back in 2005, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, which hit the theaters in 2006 and also had a short role in Naam Hai Akira, which was released last year itself. On and off from the Bolly industry, Uday has always been ready to accept new roles to give them a dimension of his own.

In a recent video in YouTube, this actor cum dubbing artist, was seen creating awareness about elephants. ‘Will future generations know what elephant is?’, was what the video caption said. He appeals for the protection and safeguarding animals, elephants in particular. What we can take from this is that he cares for the society too and showcases that in the two-minute video. 57-year-old Uday did not limit himself to the film industry. Google has its navigation service in multiple languages, from Hindi to English and from Bangla to Marathi. Now, one might wonder who these people are whom Google selects to translate and speak in his regional language. Well, for Marathi, it’s this man, Uday Sabnis. Back in 2014, when he got this opportunity, he was thrilled about it. In a chat with one of the newspapers, he mentioned the urge of the necessity of this option.

Thinking back, he had said that when he first got this opportunity, he thought of the lakhs of Marathi people who are spread all across the globe. People might know English, but the accent sometimes might get difficult for them, in which case they could hear it out in their desired language. Talking about the job, he added up that though the work was tedious, for he had to sit for long hours, he still felt honored doing it. All his life he had done a lot of dubbing for the cinema, but this was certainly way apart, and way more satisfying, for he did something for the needs of his people.

The zodiac sign of this star is Gemini. Google has it that talents of the ones belonging to Gemini lie in their communication skills and their ingenuity. Well, that goes without saying for Uday. The actor who also conducts workshops in Thane for dubbing skills is a real humble one. Be it Hollywood narration or his voice for the cartoon characters no professional work has been of any less importance to him. Records say that in over 5000 episodes of Disney, he has served through his voice whenever needed. After acquiring such accolades, he was asked to audition for Google Navigation services and got success there too. Maintaining a constant tone, according to him, he had sat for long hours to record for Google. We look forward to more of his works and wish him all the best of luck in his path ahead.


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