Top 10 Gaming Channels By Indian YouTubers

Top 10 Gaming Channels By Indian YouTubers Hindi Article

Recently many Youtubers started their gaming channel and gain a successful amount of YouTube subscribers and also some new subscribers from the gaming community. Although they were so famous, many gaming websites use them to do promotion and boost up for their company; so here are some Indian You Tubers who have their youtube channels.

1 – Dynamo Humans have always been fascinated by magic. Altho >> Read More... Dynamo Gaming


Aditya Sawant Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Aditya Sawant ” also known as his gaming name “Dynamo” where he plays “PUBG” and known for his “Snipping Skill” in the game; he is India’s first Gamer who has a Documentary on his Life, “Hustle Bustle,” due to the recent incident with “PUBG” he started to play “Free Fire” and some other game. He also got a subscriber of more than Eight Million.

2 – Carryislive


Ajay Ajay aka Gaurav Kapoor is a young handsome Tamil t >> Read More... Ajay Nagar” also known as “Carry Minati” by his professional name. This 21-year kid has more than Seven Million Subscriber in his gaming channel, and he is the first Indian Independent Youtuber who crosses Twenty Million Subscriber, recently “Carry” started playing “Among Us” and “Fall Guys.”

3 – Mortal


 “Naman Mathur,” also known to be “Mortal” by his gaming name, is a professional Gamer who represented India in “PUBG” for “Asia,” the YouTuber got more than Six Million Subscribers and uploaded more than Seven Hundred Videos on his gaming Channel.

4 – Sc0ut


Tanmay Singh Tanmay Singh is a writer and director. Tanmay was >> Read More... Tanmay Singh ,” also known by his gaming name “Scout OP,” who got more than Three Million Subscriber and uploaded more than Seven Hundred Gaming videos on his Youtube Channel “Sc0ut,” recently he played “Call Of Duty” and “Among Us.”


5 – Live Insaan


 “Nischay Malhan” known by the name “Triggered Insaan” has started his gaming channel and named it “Live Insaan” which got more than Three Million Subscribers and uploaded more than Hundred Fifty videos on his gaming channel. recently he played “Free Fire” and “Among Us” in his live stream, he also conducts “Raid” of subscriber where he promotes some “Gamers” and roasts some “Foreign Gamers.”

6 – BeastBoyShub


 “Shubham Saini,” known as “BeastBoyShub” by his Youtube Gaming Channel, started his gaming carrier by playing “Zombie Shooter” and “Counter-Strike.” He is known for his excellent playing style in “Free Fire,” recently he streams “GTA V” and “Among Us.” He got more than Four Million Subscriber and Uploaded more than Eight Hundred Videos on his Youtube channel.

7 – Tanmay Bhatt

 “Tanmay Bhatt” known as Co-founder of “AIB” had started his Youtube channel and promoted many brands and places, popularly known for his Celebrity Blogs. Now he is a part of the gaming community where “Carry Minati” helps him to establish her channel, recently “Tanmay” played “Among Us” with a collaboration of many Youtubers. His channel got More than Two Million Subscriber.

8 – Total Gaming

“Ajay” popularly known as “Ajju Bhai,” is a Gujarat based gamer who started to play low graphics game on youtube such as “Class of Clans” and now he is known for paying skills and tricks in “Free Fire,” he also suggests his subscriber follow the given game trick and ways to improvise their gaming skills. The gamer got more than Thirteen Million Subscriber and uploaded more than Nine Hundred Videos on his Gaming Channel.

9 – Mythpat

 “Mithilesh Patankar” has started his gaming carrier by making tutorial videos of how to play and install “PUBG” and “GTA V,” he also played Mod Version of “GTA 5” to prank his fans and other gamers by making different sounds and a comedic statement. Now “Mythpat” has more than Four Million Subscribers and Uploaded more than One Hundred Eighty Videos on his Gaming Channel.

10 – Techno Gamerz

 “Ujjwal Chaurasia,” who is famously known for his game series in “GTA 5,” where he played the mod version of this game and created his storyline also has another channel, “Ujjwal” where he plays the game like “PUBG” and “Call Of Duty.” The “Techno Gamerz” has more than Eight Million Subscribers and uploaded Five Hundred Videos on his channel.