Top 10 Bollywood Movies Set In A Forest

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Set In A Forest Hindi Article

Bollywood explores different locations to make the movies more interesting and impress the audience. The setting of the film is an important factor in its theme and treatment. There have been many Bollywood films that have been set inside forests or woods. A location like that lends the film a thrill factor. Most of these movies are horrors or thrillers made to shock the audience. However, sometimes romantic films too base a part of their plot in a jungle to develop the action. Here are ten Hindi movies which are completely or partially set in a forest.

1. Kaal

This horror and thriller film by Soham Shah is based completely in a forest setting. It is the story of a wildlife expert and his wife who travel to the forest to investigate animal attacks. He meets a few friends, and together they have to survive the dangers of the forest. A local man offers to help them out of the jungle, but their problems keep increasing as one by one, the members of their group keep dying or disappearing. The film offers an interesting climax which introduces a supernatural factor. 'Kaal' stars Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi, John Abraham, Esha Deol, and Lara Dutta.


2. Agyaat

Ram Gopal Varma’s 'Agyaat' is a horror film released in 2009. It stars actors like Nithiin, Priyanka Kothari, and Gautam Rode, etc. The film was released in Hindi and Telugu. It is based on the incidents surrounding a film unit which goes to shoot inside a forest. The cast and crew get stranded in the forest for a few days, after which they decide to explore the area. Soon, they are stalked and attacked by an unknown beast, and they have to fight hard for their survival. The movie got mixed reactions from people but can be an interesting watch.


3. Darna Mana Hai

Prawaal Raman’s 'Darna Mana Hai' is an anthology film which began an ended in a forest. A group of seven friends has to stay in the middle of a forest after their car stops working. They find shelter inside the forest and decide to tell each other horror stories to pass the time. One by one, the friends disappear after each story. The climax of the film presents a major twist as it turns to a chase inside the forest where the last remaining friend is chased by a psycho killer. The film had a large ensemble cast including Saif Ali Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Isha Koppikar, etc.


4. 6 – 5 = 2

This Hindi movie is the remake of a Kannada horror film having the same name. The film has been directed by Bharat Jain and is in the format of a “found-footage” documentary film. It depicts the journey of a group of six friends who go on a trekking trip in the mountains. They record their journey in a video camera which forms the basis of the film’s footage. The trip of the group goes horribly wrong when they are faced with an unseen danger. The film states that the footage was found after all the friends die or disappear in the forest.


5. The Jungle Book

This 2016 movie is actually an American presentation based on Rudyard Kipling’s book named 'The Jungle Book'. It was released in Hindi, and many eminent actors lent their voice for the characters of the movie. Nana Patekar gave the voice to Sher Khan, Om Puri lent his voice to Bagheera, and Priyanka Chopra gave her voice to the snake Kaa. The movie got good reviews from critics and viewers. It became very successful worldwide and is one of the most well-executed animated films we have seen in a long time.


6. Jungle

This is another thriller by Ram Gopal Varma which was released in the year 2000. It featured Fardeen Khan and Urmila Matondkar in the main roles. The film got a good reception from critics and viewers and became successful at the box-office. The plot of the film is based on Anu and Siddharth, two individuals who love each other. In the film, a group of people go on a safari and get kidnapped by a gang of robbers. The group is tortured by the gang, and a few are even killed in a gruesome manner. Almost the entire film takes place inside a forest, creating an atmosphere of suspense and terror.


7. Adventures of Tarzan

This is a Hindi movie based on the novel 'Tarzan of the Apes' written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The movie was directed by Babbar Subhash and starred actors like Dalip Tahil, Hemant Birje, Om Shivpuri, and Kimi Katkar. The movie depicted the adventures of Tarzan, a human boy who lives in the forest amongst animals. The film became successful upon its release. It also garnered a lot of controversies due to its bold presentation and steamy scenes between the lead couple. Though the movie is quite different from the source novel, it follows the same theme and setting.


8. The Forest

This is a 2009 film directed by Ashvin Kumar. It featured actors Javed Jaffrey, Ankur Vika, Nandana Sen, Tarun Shukla, etc. The film was shot almost entirely in the Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. The film is a thriller along the lines of hunting adventures and safari experiences. It depicts a couple who travel to the Kumaon jungles to take some time off from their busy lives and sort out their differences. They go on a hunting expedition at night and are attacked by a man-eating leopard. The film was appreciated for its pace and special effects.


9. Shikari

'Shikari' is a 2000 Bollywood thriller movie featuring actors like Govinda, Tabu, Karisma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Gulshan Grover, etc. In the film, 'Govinda' plays a psychopath-like character embarking on a mission to seek revenge against his wrong-doers. The film has many action and chase sequences. Some of the action takes place inside a jungle and proves to be an interesting scene for the viewers. The film uses the element of the forest to further its action and create an aura of thrilling suspense. This film was very different from Govinda’s usual style.


10. Ek Ladka Ek Ladki

This is a Bollywood movie featuring Salman Khan and Neelam Kothari in the lead roles. Some other famous names in the cast are Asrani, Tiku Sultania, Anupa, Kher, Shobha Khote, etc. Though the film is not set entirely in a forest, it does include an element of the natural environment in its plot. Neelam’s character, Renu, meets with an accident on a speedboat. After that, she is taken to a house in a forest by Salman Khan’s character. They lead a nature-based life for some time before the action of the movie begins again. The movie has a lot of thrills and is an interesting watch.