The sex bomb of the eighties is now 47 and mother to a 16-year-old boy. Kimi Katkar ( actual name is (Kimmy Katkar) left Hindi movies and had got settled in Mellbourne, Australia. She married an ace photographer and ad-filmmaker Shantanu Shorey after completing nearly 50 films. She had refused even a Yash Chopra’s production before leaving Bollywood, but she never regrets doing so even once. She had been modeling since she was 17 and after 10-11 years of continuous work, she felt to settle down in her life. She did a dance with Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan was conceived on October 11, 1942 >> Read More... in Hum and this film received a very good response in the industry, there were many offers for her even along with Mr Bachchan, but she rejected even those great roles and had finally planned to settle down.

She made her debut in Pathar Dil in 1985. She was then recognized as the sex symbol in the late 80s. And Kimi likes the tag ‘sex symbol’ attached to her name even now. She is also known as the Tarzan girl (for Tarzan movie). She walked out of Bollywood and even returned a whole lot of signing amounts for the films that she could not act. 

While she got married in Mumbai, she went to Melbourne as her son Siddhanth, was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. She had left India to be back in a few weeks, but from an estimated two weeks, the stay extended for 5 years, where her son went to school along with his treatment. When Siddhanth was slowly recovering, the actress felt to return back to India. She wanted this to happen as she did not want her husband to shuttle between Mumbai and Melbourne anymore. 

After a gap of five years, she is now settled in Pune along with her son and husband. She would love to work with Boman Irani Boman Irani is a well known name today in the Bol >> Read More... , if she gets a role. She is even a huge fan of the film Cheeni Kum Click to look into! >> Read More... , in which Amitabh had acted. This actress was considered even to play a role Mira Nair’s film ‘Shantaram’with Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More... and Amitabh Bachchan but the film did not see light of the day.
Khursheed Hindi Actress


Khursheed Bano was a playback singer and an actress in Indian cinema during 1940s. She had the chance to act and sing with legend K L Saigal in many memorable movies. She acted in films with Motilal too, who was considered to be Hindi cinema’s natural actor, and their teaming up arguably became the most suitable pair ( Motilal- Khursheed) in those days. She was different from the other heroine and came to be regarded as the most stylish actress and this has been a plus point for her in those days. Each star was then asked to do a playback for them and she was fortunate enough to be part of it. In Tansen, her natural and unprecedented beauty and melody voice made her famous as Tani (the character in the film). K L Saigal played the role of Tansen with her in the film. She belonged to the golden era where every actresses wanted to overtake and outshine the other, be it Leela Chitnis and Devika Rani or even Suriya and Noorjehan. She made her debut in Indian cinema at a time when the film industry was going through a revolution (after Alam Ara’s release in 1931). The silence era of Indian cinema was over, and India’s talkie cinema came into existence. In 1931, she got her first break in Laila Majnu and had never looked back till 1948 (last film Pappeha Re). It was because of partition that she moved to Pakistan and did not do any films thereafter. She also got married then and did not have any inclination towards acting anymore. However, she tried to make a comeback in 1956, but she was not accepted by audiences then. She acted in two films (Fankar and Mandi) in 1956, which met with poor response and she, then bid farewell to the movies. She kept a very low profile after leaving the film industry. In 1956, she divorced her first husband Yakub and married Yusuf Bhaimia. This graceful and decent actress of 1931-1948s will be remembered for her contribution in Indian cinema.


Kimi Verma

Kimi Verma, the pretty girl from Los Angeles, had been a student in Mumbai earlier and won the Miss Bombay Title in the year 1994. She was also the choice for Miss Femina girl for beautiful hair in the same year. After winning the title, she was offered to play Punjabi heroine in many successful films. She played the role of an NRI girl in “Ajj De Ranjhe”, which was directed by Manmohan Singh. She was happy to get entry into Punjabi cinema, though she stayed in Los Angeles. She also hoped to do a documentary later on. She was a busy designer in LA and even owned a woman’s fashion house and is the lead designer and CEO of the company. She was also featured in the blockbuster movies such as ‘Mera Pind-My Home’ in 2008 and 'Ik Kudi Punjab Di’ in 2007. As there were no women centric roles in Punjabi cinema, she managed to balance her career as a fashion designer and as an actress. She was also a star when many Bollywood heroines were in competition to act in Punjabi cinema and she stayed away from such competition and made her mark as an actress in Punjab. She was born in Punjab and later migrated to Mumbai to pursue her studies in MBA and later moved to Los Angeles. Her best film in Punjabi was ‘De Ranjhe’ which was a satirical take on the police system. Before getting leading lady offers, she was noticed by a film producer and given the role of a heroine in a film ‘Naseeobo’, when she was in class X. She also has acted with Harbhajan Mann (singer) in film ‘Jee Ayaan Nu’. She also presented talk shows on Star Plus and was a co-anchor with Shagoofta Ali in the programme ‘Meri Saheli’. She was also co-anchor in Alpha Punjabi for show Frontier Mail. She worked in films like ‘Shaheed Udham Singh’ and ‘Qeher’. She likes Punjabi culture and ready to promote it all the time. Although she is married, she got offers in Hindi films, but was reluctant to do them as roles were not meaningful. In US, she spends her time with sick children and tries to make them happy.

Kimi Verma Hindi Actress