Top 10 Bollywood Movies Only For Salman Khan Fans

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Only For Salman Khan Fans Hindi Article

Numerous megastars have come and gone throughout film history. Even in the most challenging circumstances, a select few performers have been able to retain the support of the audience. They include Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan . For 34 years, he has been a charismatic star who consistently appeals to the general public. The user claimed that Salman is one of those exceptional performers that has entrancing chemistry with all of the lead females. Here’s the slant of the topmost 10 Bollywood films only for Salman Bhai fans.

1. Dabangg

Salman Khan embraces his part and drives the narrative forward. He is so remarkable that it seems he was explicitly written for this role and no one else. In addition to his superb acting, he exudes the proper attitude for the part. As gorgeous as ever, he appeared to be worth a million dollars! For his admirers, this movie will rank among his best in terms of both the storyline and his acting.


2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Bajrangi Bhaijaan

In this character-driven movie, director Kabir Khan Kabir khan is a very much renowned director of Bol >> Read More... Kabir Khan successfully grabs the audience's interest from the first frame. In their most recent blockbuster movie, EK THA TIGER, we saw the perfect fellowship he shared with his leading man, Salman Khan. The friendship has developed significantly since the last time, as the movie demonstrates.

3. Wanted

The hard-core masala cuisine served by director Prabhu Dheva is by no means innovative or ground-breaking by any standard, but the execution of various scenes and stunts moves the film's graph to the north. In reality, WANTED is the only movie that, in terms of pure appeal, can rival GHAJINI. Here, every action/stunt/chase is expertly orchestrated.


4. Bodyguard

The action scenes are where the movie comes to life, showcasing Salman as the quintessential action hero. He can pull off the impossible stunts with absolute grace and ease, including dodging gunfire, leaping through walls, breaking bones, and skydiving. Excellent choreography went into the battle scenes, especially during the dramatic moment. The music is by Pritam and Himesh Reshammiya Intro: Himesh Reshammiya got his stardom after win >> Read More... Himesh Reshammiya .


5. Dabaang 2

The rebel cop is beautifully portrayed by Salman Khan, alias Kung Fu Pandey. Salman is excellent in the action and humor scenes. Despite spending an unusually long-time drying clothing, Sonakshi Sinha Sonakshi Sinha is a well-known Indian Actress. She >> Read More... Sonakshi Sinha does an excellent job as Rajjo. With a few sequences as Makkhi, Arbaaz Khan Born in a family that has strong ties in the film >> Read More... Arbaaz Khan plays the village idiot once more.


6. Ek Tha Tiger Click to look into! >> Read More... Ek Tha Tiger

The RAW and ISI agents who risk their lives every day are the focus of this movie. Tiger is a daring Indian RAW agent who has worked with the organization for 12 years. He doesn't lead a private life and is constantly prepared for the next assignment. He first feels the emotion of love while on one of these missions in Dublin, thanks to Zoya.


7. Sultan

The fact that Sultan's story respects women characters is its most vital feature. In this tale, Arfa, played by Anushka Sharma Born in an army family to Col. Ajay Kumar and Ashi >> Read More... Anushka Sharma , makes the daily sacrifices, but she does not comply with social pressure or do so out of obligation. She defers her man, Sultan (Salman Khan), to fulfill her dreams. The plot centers on the goals and sacrifices of Sultan and Arfa.


8. Tiger Zinda Hai Click to look into! >> Read More... Tiger Zinda Hai

TZH is a mechanical, by-the-numbers picture that tosses at the random spectator allusions to present geopolitics but makes it a point to deny any relationship with reality. It was primarily filmed in Abu Dhabi, which passes off as war-ravaged Iraq. According to a pre-credits rider, the story's "places and names" are entirely made up, but the movie is based on an actual incident. We already would have been aware.


9. Radhe

Salman Khan's universe is constantly centered on idealized masculine physical strength, prowess, speed, and moral heroism, in which he plays the good guy facing off against the bad guys. And this is Radhe's storyline. A squad of officers was the subject of The Outlaws. However, like in other Salman Khan movies, he is the only one who cares.

10. Ready

The entire movie follows a mass-market path, but that doesn't imply there isn't anything suitable for a class audience. In a crowded theatre with a family audience on Friday night, I saw it first-hand, and the audience's emotions said it all. Not only that, but some people's criticisms about the first half are also not well-founded.