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Sultan Trailer,Songs,Teaser & Videos

The Movie Sultan produced by Yash Raj Films will be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and once again it will fit into typical masala genre providing a lot of entertainment and fun to Salman’s fans. Sultan Teaser shows Salman’s vigour , zest and strength for which Salman has been famous for. Here Salman Khan acts as a 40 year old wrestler and also father of a son.

Sultan trailer symbolizes wrestling is beyond sports. It has been life of many aspirants who have fought many battles of life to live their passion. The odds a wrestler has to face to balance his personal and professional relationship has been portrayed. Salman plays the role of a wrestler named as Sultan Ali Khan from Haryana.

The cute talented chic Anushka Sharma is to be the costar for the movie. It has been expected that actress would be playing in negative role. With leading singers Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghosal Sultan songs are definitely going to hit the blockbuster. The songs with its variety, lust and soulful beats are going to dive people’s emotions into love and life. Sultan videos are definitely going to be entertaining, vibrant and would pump up spirits’ of youth and especially sportsmen