Top 10 Bollywood Mafia Movies

Top 10 Bollywood Mafia Movies Hindi Article

Gangster or mafia is not a new term. The intense and fascinating stories about the life of a mafia urged the directors to bring out a movie. Here are the top 10 such movies based on gangster or mafia.
This movie was directed by none other than Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma is a famed Indian film director an >> Read More... Ram Gopal Varma . The movie is about two people teaming up to become the gangsters of Mumbai and that too, the most feared. It is also said that the movie describes the relationship between Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan. The film was appreciated by the critics for the sheer genius of the director. Ajay Devgn and Vivek Oberoi Vivek Anand Oberoi's birth was on 3rd Septembe >> Read More... Vivek Oberoi were impressive.
The film was written by Anurag Kashyap Born on 10th September 1972, Anurag Kashyap has es >> Read More... Anurag Kashyap and Saurabh Shukla Saurabh Shukla was born at Gorakhpur in Uttar Prad >> Read More... Saurabh Shukla , and directed by Ram Gopal Verma. Such heavyweights working together are bound to give a great output. The film revolves around an immigrant in search of a job. He comes to Mumbai but somehow gets into the underworld. The movie was a surprise hit of 1998. Satya won six Filmfare Awards including the entire Critics award.
Manya Surve was a Mumbai Gangster, who was an educated criminal. He committed robberies like an expert and kept Mumbai police on its toes. The movie Shootout At Wadala was about this gangster. The film was directed by Sanjay Gupta Sanjay Gupta is an Indian filmmaker who has even p >> Read More... Sanjay Gupta , which was liked by everyone. John Abraham Like some of our sexy stars, John Abraham has had >> Read More... John Abraham played the role of the gangster.
The movie was an instant hit with the plot revolving around the most feared underworld don of the 1960s and 1970s. The characters portrayed by Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi Emraan Hashmi is one of the most successful & cont >> Read More... Emraan Hashmi were clearly based on Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim. The film will take you to the time when the underworld organisation was slowly taking hold of the financial capital. The film was interesting with some bad-ass dialogues.
Black Friday (2007)
The film was based on the 1993 Mumbai attacks and is the most realistic movie about the underworld or the gangsters. Anurag Kashyap is the director of the film. The movie clearly depicted how Dawood Ibrahim along with his gangcarried out the blast which shook the city to its core. Black Friday is a great film with the cast of Kay Kay Menon Kay Kay Menon or K.K. Menon or Krishan Kumar Menon >> Read More... Kay Kay Menon , Nawazuddin Siddiqui Nawazuddin Siddiqui was born in Budhana in Muzaffa >> Read More... Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Pawan Malhotra, Aditya Srivastava Known for playing the part of Inspector Abhijeet, >> Read More... Aditya Srivastava and much more.
'Gangs Of Wasseypur' (2012)
The coal mafia scene of Dhanbad was aptly presented in the movie which was directed by Anurag Kashyap. It is anepic tale of Sardar Khan planning to take revenge for his father’s death. The movie has every element in it, politics, family feud, contract killing, revenge, etc. This movie was a part of Kashyap’s ambitious project. The sequel to this movie is more frightening and should not be missed.
'Vaastav' (1999)
This mafia movie, apart from depicting the blood, murder and gore in the underworld, also depicted the soft side of human emotions. Vaastav showed the audience that the people in the underworld are also humans and have emotions. The film had Sanjay Dutt July 29, 1959, was the day when the two legends of >> Read More... Sanjay Dutt in the lead who played the role to perfection.
(Don) (1978)
This movie of the 70’s has everything in it. The film had chase sequences, exceptional planning, escapes, and confusion. The Don somehow manages to escape every time someone tries to catch him. The film is etched in everyone’s mind, and one cannot easily forget the ‘Banarasi Paan.’ The angry young man of the 70’s showed his best in this movie.
(Agneepath) (1990)
Another Bachchan movie in the list is Agneepath. The intense story about Vijay, a gangster, standing against the villain, Kancha, keeps everyone gripped to their seats. The dialogues of this movie are still remembered to this date. Someone who is fond of gangster or mafia films should not miss this one.
'D-Day' (2013)
Revolving around the attempts and plan to catch the most wanted terrorist, Goldman, this movie received positive reviews. The film takes a turn when Goldman breaks his security protocol and the agency sense an opportunity to nab him. The movie is interesting and keeps everyone guessing. Rishi Kapoor’s portrayal of Goldman was terrific.