Sanjay Gupta is an Indian filmmaker who has even produced and written various movies like Jung and Zinda which have been successful at the box office. He was born on 23rd October 1969. Just like people with the same name jell up together, Sanjay Gupta is very close to Sanjay Dutt. They are very dear friends and so Sanjay Gupta has cast Sanjay Dutt as an actor in thirteen movies. This shows their friendship and the bond they share.

The hit film directed by Sanjay Gupta, Jung released in 2000, also starred Sanjay Dutt along with the beauty queen Shilpa Shetty as lead roles. He has been directing films since 1992 and still amazes people with his work, and with each film he directs, he throws a challenge at himself to do better and to be the best amongst others. He works for prosperity and respect. Though his journey in Bollywood has been inconsistent, he has made his name in the industry. He is now at that stage at which even if his movie does not work, that failure won’t be able to decide his future. People now know who Sanjay Gupta is and he is not worried that his career will face a downfall as he has made a name in the industry. The much-liked film Shootout at Wadala, directed by Sanjay Gupta in 2013 was based on lives of criminals. It had star faces like John Abraham and Kangna Ranaut.

Anil Kapoor was like a cherry on the cake for the audience. Rumours were such that John will be cast in another film ‘ Mumbai Saga’ but Sanjay Gupta did not confirm the news. The banging return of Sanjay Gupta as the director of Shootout at Wadala proved his niche in filmmaking yet again. His film Jazba, based on a Korean film, describes how a mother and her daughter faced the cruel and wicked world. People fell in love with the story and the critics praised it too. He considers himself as a person who just belongs to film sets.

He cannot imagine himself sitting in an office and working from 9 am to 5 pm every day on the same desk. His passion is directing films and he wishes just to do that. Sanjay Gupta is the father of two kids, Shivansh and Dalai. He says that he works and earns for his kids and that they are his driving force. He feels that he has given his children a luxurious life and he works just to maintain that so that he can always fulfill the demands of his children as they grow up. It is his love for his family that is giving him strength and positivity even in his professional life.

Sanjay Gupta’s films have always been such that the hall rings up with whistles and the audience comes out smiling.

Javed Akhtar Hindi Actor

Javed Akhtar

Javed Akhtar is an Indian poet, lyricist, film scriptwriter from Bellwood. He is best known for teaming up with Salim Khan. Javed Akhtar came to recognition as a scriptwriter duo of Salim-Javed. Salim-Javed was instrumental in making of Amitabh Bachchan the superstar and 'angry young' image in Indian cinema, While Salim had ideated stories, Javed used to write the dialogues. Javed Saab used to write in Urdu, which was written in Hindi by some assistant writers. In his initial days, Javed was an assistant to Urdu writer and film lyricist Kaifi Azmi. Later, he married Kaifi Azmi’s daughter, Shabana Azmi, after divorcing his first wife, Honey Irani. Javed had married Honey Iran while he met her during the making of Seeta Aur Geeta. Javed has two children, Zoya Akhtar, and Farhan Akhtar. When Salim-Javed approached Mr. Bachchan for Mr. India, Bachchan did not approve the project, and there was split in the partnership of Bachchan-Salim-Javed. After Mr. India, Salim-Javed never worked together again. Javed wrote a story for Ramesh Sippy’s Sagar. That is how the country’s famous scriptwriter ballgame in Bollywood almost came to an end. Later on, Javed took to writing songs and even dialogues. Javed Akhtar was introduced as film lyricist in Yash Chopra’s Silsila; he had written all the best duet songs of Lata-Kishore Kumar, which had ample scope for his talent as a lyrics writer. However, when Sholay-3D was released in 2013, the duo came together settling down their past differences. The scriptwriter duo Salim-Javed had given Indian cinema many successful projects such as ‘Sholay’, ‘Zanjeer’, ‘Deewar’ and they had parted when) for ego issues. In those days, script-writers were not given due credit on film posters but Salim-Javed initiated this trend in Indian cinema and started to print their names on every poster of the movie they have worked in. It was Yash Chopra who approached Javed to honor his film Silsila with his lyrics, after Silsila there was no looking back for Javed Akhtar as a songwriter. He has won five national awards as a lyricist-writer. The Government of India has honored this writer for his contribution to Indian cinema with Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. Javed is known for his political satire film ‘Main Azad Hoon’ which remains still one of his best as a movie writer. A Couple of his best songs can be included from films like Silsila, ‘1942-A Love Story’, ‘Veer Zaara’, 'Lagaan’, ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ and so on. This famous personality of Indian cinema was born to Jan Nisar Akhtar and Safia Akhtar on January 17, 1945.


Sanjay Jhala

Sanjay Jhala is the name of an intellectual satire writer, artist, and humorist. He was born on 1st May, 1972. He has a unique way of delivering his punch lines, which appeal to his fans. He generates laughter in his audience through his natural gift of “Anukriti”. Sanjay observes things around him with a critical eye, he thinks about them with a poetic mindset and puts his thoughts into words with a buoyant attitude. He is a very instinctive writer. Sanjay can speak and write in several languages. He is fluent in Hindi, and English, as well as Sanskrit. He has been operating and scriptwriting the New Year’s programs on Doordarshan for several years now. He has also produced various documentaries and played the protagonist in a show called ‘Naya Savera’. He has done comedy presentations in SAB TV’s popular show, ‘Waah-Waah Kya Baat Hai’. He also anchored and wrote the script for ETV’s renowned show called, ‘Ayeji-Oji-Sunoji’. He is more famously known for his poetry and story writing. His writing work results to twice his age in number. He has presented and promoted his poetry through various shows such as NDTV’s program, ‘Arz Kiya Hai’, and Live India’s famous show, ‘Kya Baat Hai’. He is an entertaining, creative and unique person, who experiments with various types of poetry by talking about serious issues in a satirical way. He has received numerous awards for his works. He was bestowed by Pratibha Patil for Outstanding Contribution to Hindi Comedy on Stage. He is also the recipient of the 36th Akhil Bhartiya Tepa Samman, 40th Akhil Bhartiya Tepa Samman, Rajasthan Gaurav Samman (2009), Akhil Bhartiya Rang-Tarang Samman, and much more. His articles, stories, and poems are regularly published in many famous newspapers, such as Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, and Rajasthan Patrika, and many magazines as well.

Sanjay Jhala Hindi Actor