10 Celebs Who Have Insured Their Body Parts

10 Celebs Who Have Insured Their Body Parts Hindi Article

Insurance in today’s world is a necessity. We all have insurance for cars, house, and health. But none would have thought that even body parts could be insured. The Bollywood celebs have taken insurance to a level where they have insured their body parts, considering their value. They all know the value of their body parts, and it is wise to have created a copy write for it. This trend has taken the industry down, and is spreading like a wild fire. The celebs were taken by this fire are:

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Big B has a very influential voice, and we all know that. The whole India recognizes the voice with closed eyes. This made him realize the value of his vocals, and thus he decided to ensure them. The star has an official copy written for his voice.

2. John Abraham

This hot guy who is ruling the industry because of his absolute fit body has insured his butt. He realized that his fit body has a greatly shaped butt, and this happened after the movies like Dostana, Desi Boys, and Force 2, where he is seen shirtless many times. He insured his butt for ten Crore.

3. Priyanka Chopra

The Desi Girl has some features she is very proud of. The girl has gorgeous smile and people die for her smile, that is why she has insured her pouty lips. The lady has risen from shallow self-esteem to a gorgeous confident actress, and we all are proud of her.

4. Lata Mangeshkar

Titled as the Nightingale of India, she is one of the most melodious singers India could ever get. It is quite obvious that she would have insured her voice, and if she hadn’t done it by now the people would have requested her to do so. She is also honoured by the Government Of Madhya Pradesh as they have kept an award in her name.

5. Adnan Sami

This amazing singer has insured the things very important for him and us; his fingers. He is the fastest keyboard player, and his fingers work as magic. He is also blessed with the talent of playing 35 instruments. Such talented fingers must be insured.

6. Minissha Lamba

The Bollywood actress is obsessed with her butt. She tells stories about how even people from Brazil praise her butt. She thinks such a treasure should be insured as she has worked hard in the gym to achieve this perfect shape.

7. Sunny Deol

This Bollywood celeb is famous for his “dhai kilo ka hath” dialogue, and he took it in the literal sense. But here, you might get confused; he did not get his arm insured but his voice. The reason for such patent might be the continuous use of his voice in various memes.

8. Vijender Singh

He is a boxer by profession but made his Bollywood debut in the movie Fugly. He is honoured by the Padma Shri, and has insured his fingers, these being the most important part of the boxer.

9. Neha Dhupia

The former Miss India is giving out statements about how the company which once insured Jennifer Lopez’s butt approached her for her butt insurance, and so she got it done.

10. 'Rajnikanth'

The legendary actor has made each Indian a fan of his voice. He is worshipped in South India. The legend has made sure that no one uses his voice, so he has patented it.