Top 10 Rock Stars In Club 27 English Article

1. Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones, the foremost leader and the founder of the English Rock Band "The Rolling Stones", mainly excelled as a guitarist, on the harmonica, and on the keyboard. The most exclusive part of the Rock Star was his innovation with the folk and traditional musical instruments such as Sitars and Marimba, and using them in the Rock Music. After developing a serious addiction to drugs, his role as a band member declined steadily. The Rolling Stones' team asked him to leave the band in June 1969, while after less than a month, Jones drowned in the swimming pool which was in his house, and died. This accident happened on 3rd July 1969, when he was 27 years and 156 days old. The Coroner's report claimed that it was "Death by misadventure".


2. The American guitarist specializing in Rock music, James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, gained much fame as a songwriter and singer for the known "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" and "Band Of Days". Spanning only four years of his musical career, The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame delineated the stunning electric guitarist as 'arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of Rock Music.' After the year 1967, he constantly got involved with drugs, smoking hashish and cannabis. On September 18th, 1970, Jimi died of asphyxiation while he was under the influence of the barbiturates. He was 27 years and 295 days old.

3. Mostly recognized as the songwriter and lead singer of the American Rock Band " The Doors", James Douglas "Jim" Morrison, is among the most influential and ideal frontmen in the world of Rock Music because of the dramatic happenings in his life, which also marked his death. In the 1960's, Morrison started getting dependent on alcohol, which also affected his performances on the stage to a great degree. Although his death was officially recognized as "heart failure", it is a much-disputed statement due to the absence of an autopsy. While Sugerman stated that Morrison died due to accidentally overdosing the drug, heroine, many theories regarding his death have been put forth. He died on 3rd July 1971, when he was 27-years and 207-days old.

4. Janis Lyn Joplin, the 1960s blues female vocalist, was much appreciated for her distinguished singing style. Critics and the audiences referred to her stage appearances as "electric," owing to her outstanding ability to perform. Also known as Pearl, she started her career with Psychedelic Rock and died on October 4th, 1970 as a result of Drug Overdose (Heroin), when she was 27 years and 258 days old.

5. All the deaths of the Rock Stars aged 27, between the years 1968-71, created a hype not just among the fans, but also in the media which increased two decades later, when the famous "Nirvana" lead singer and founder, ‘Kurt Cobain’ died on 5th April 1994. The left-handed guitarist had been suffering from depression and a serious addiction to drugs, trying to cope up with his fame and personal relationships. After going missing on 3rd April, Kurt's body was found at his "Lake Washington Boulevard" house. He attempted suicide with a shotgun and a suicide note, written to his imaginary childhood friend, "Boddah" was also found that raised many questions about his death, which remains a disputed incident to date. He was 27 years and 44 days old.

6. Mia Katherine Zapata, the lead vocalist of the Punk band, "The Gits," gained much praise in "Grunge Rock." In the year 1993, when the singer was 27 years and 316 days old, she was murdered after being beaten up and strangled very badly, while recording the second album for her band. The crime mystery remained unsolved for almost ten years until a fisherman from Florida was arrested and sentenced to 36 years imprisonment.

7. Wallace "Wally" Yohn, a distinguished Organ player in the band "Chase," died in the year 1974, when he was 27 years and 212 days year old. He died as a result of an unlucky plane crash.

8. ‘Roger Lee Durham’, who was singer and percussionist of the well-known American Band, "Bloodstones," died as he fell off his horse and could not succumb to injuries in the year 1973 when he was 27 years and 163 days old.

9. The American Soul singer, ‘Linda Jones’, was 27 years and 91 days old when she died of complications from diabetes.

10. The recent unfortunate member of The Club 27 is the bassist for the newly-formed American Indie Rock Band, "Viola Beach,"( Kris Leonard , River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, Jack Dakin ) ‘Tomas Lowe’. The 27 years and 70 days old singer died with 3 more members and the manager of the band on 13th February 2016, in a car crash.