Top 10 Infamous Partying Celebrities

Top 10 Infamous Partying Celebrities English Article

“All that glitters is not gold.” We all are fascinated by this world of glamour. We see celebrities and aspire to live a life like them. Somewhere down the lane we all are aware about the fact that their life is not easy. They struggle a lot. Drinking, smoking and the most essential “partying” is their main regular practice. However some celebrities avoid doing it much but some do it frequently on a daily basis or maybe I can say constantly. There are some stars who are really famous but there are some too who are not really seen over. Let’s have a look at the ones you might not really see but know about them. These celebrities are not very known or famous but they are regular party lovers.

1. Prince Harry:

Being number four in the line of becoming King of England has its perks, as can be seen from the wild partying of Prince Harry. Known in the media as the “Wild Child”, he had once been a part of a nude scandal too. He started having marijuana at 17 years of age and has since gone only more rogue. Post returning from Afghanistan, after a 20 week deployment, he spent the partying away till 10 the next morning.

2. Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton is a singer, author, actor and much more. She is the highlight of each party and when it comes to partying, there is no one better than her. She is known as the Queen of Socialites.

3. Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay has done famous movies like Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. She started her career at three by modelling, then acting and eventually singing. She is followed by the paparazzi everywhere and it brought to focus her wild partying and addiction habits. It is this lady for whom the morning of each day begins with the party of the last night ending. She has been to rehab countless times and even got arrested and jailed for DUI.

4. Charlie Sheen:

He may be famous for doing iconic movies like Major League, Wall Street and ‘Platoon’, but he is equally famous for his drug and alcohol addiction and his wild partying. He joked about his addictions on the Comedy Central Roast Charlie Sheen quite openly.

5. ‘ Rihanna’:

She often parties in the company of ‘Jay-Z’, Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj. She is addicted to partying hard and wild and smoking weed.

6. Miley Cyrus:

She turned from the cute Disney princess to the wild popstar in no time at all. Gone were the long blonde locks and in came the improper clothes and dance moves. She loves smoking weed and flaunts it openly in public. She is a party addict as well.

7. Katy Perry:

She and her bff Rihanna are two peas in a pod. They both love partying up and having a wild time together. Katy is single and likes to have a good time by partying late into the night.

8. Kate Moss:

She may be one of the top supermodels but she is famous for her partying habits, her drug addiction and her abusive relationships. She likes to party at The Box in London, and spends every night painting the town red.

9. The Kardashians:

The Kardashians live life king size in the true sense of the phrase. They party large and they party hard. Their party pics are found all over Instagram and their other social media accounts. Despite being the youngest in the family, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are seen going for late nights out every day. However, it seems Khloe Kardashian still gets out more than her sisters do.

10. Britney Spears:

She was The Pop Icon of the 90s. The original wild child! She never gets tired of partying, be it for her wedding or for kids’ birthdays. She loves to celebrate every occasion on a big scale.