Top 10  Bengali Serials In 2022 Bengali Article

Below is a rundown of several Bengali television programs that could make your everyday more cheery and stimulate your curiosity. Each one of them is available for watching with your loved ones. You may learn more and experience the genuine culture and particular character of the Bengal language here.

1. Lokkhi Kakima Superstar Story soon >> Read More... Lokkhi Kakima Superstar

Lokkhi plays the lead role of a housewife who sacrifices everything for her family. She feeds her family by working. To support her family, she manages a little store called Lokkhi Bhandar, which gives her joy and the drive to live.


2. Mithai

Mithai is a famous sweet shop owner. She visits the Modak family to sell sweets, and over time, she develops a close relationship with them that resembles that of a family member. This tale centers on traditional Bengali sweets, love, and family bonding, among other problems.


Childhood friends Rishiraj and Priyadarshini fell in love while they were young. After an accident in which Priyadarshini lost her parents, they were split up. After some time, Priyadarshini changed her name to Pihu Mitra, and Rishiraj is now an industrialist going by the name Rishi Sen.


4. Uma

Uma, the series' protagonist, has always wanted to play cricket but has had to abandon her aspirations due to familial duties. But her love for the sport and her husband Abhimanyu's persistent encouragement drives her to achieve her goal and begin playing cricket again.


5. Aalta Phoring Story soon >> Read More... Aalta Phoring

Arnab Banerjee Arnab Banerjee is a popular actor who is currently >> Read More... Arnab Banerjee and Kheyali play the main parts in the production. Under the auspices of Blues Production, it is being created. It follows the search efforts of a mother and daughter who became lost after being carried away by the tide.


6. Gatchora

On the occasion of Bengal's well-known Jagatdhatri Puja. The famous diamond merchants, the Singha Roys, every year, observe Jagatdhatri Puja. Khori Bhattacharya, the second daughter of the Bhattacharya, plays a crucial role in this serial.


7. Gouri Elo Story soon >> Read More... Gouri Elo

Gouri has a deep-seated faith in God, while Dr. Ishan does not. The temple entrance opens automatically upon Gouri's arrival, and the goddess Kali's head's veil is raised upon her first glimpse.


8. Khelna Bari Khelna Bari is an Indian Bengali drama television >> Read More... Khelna Bari

The plot centers on Mitul and Indrajit, unlike chalk and cheese, finding love when they cross paths. The narrative starts with Mitul's adamant objection to Indra's promotion of her home and property for use as a hotel.


9. Dhulokona

This tale sheds insight on Lalon and Phuljhuri's exquisite love. Lalon works as a driver, while Phuljhuri looks after the house. Lalon is a singer who also performs as a rapper. At their first meeting, they start arguing with one another. Their stupid arguments quickly become into love. However, the residents of the mansion present them with several challenges.

10. Anurager Chhowa Story soon >> Read More... Anurager Chhowa

A doctor provides free examinations to poor individuals in a temple backyard. Later a selfish girl enters and misbehaves. She also dislikes the disadvantaged. After a short while, another girl with a beautiful mind and caring disposition comes. Consequently, the doctor admires the other girl for her morality.