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Every love story has its own kind of meaning. It may happen like usual by falling in love with each other at first sight. Or, it may occur after getting to know other. Sometimes, it may happen after a unfavorable situation. Love can be unpredictabe. This serial throws light on one such couple, Khori and Riddhi. Khori has a interest in art. She love to create artistic creations. Riddhi is a responsible businessman. He holds the responsibility of his family business, trading diamonds. His family is quite rich. He has two brothers who are more different than him in many ways. Especially, his brother Rahul is envious of Riddhi and hates him. He wishes to somehow defame him and awaits an opportunity.

Their family organized Jagatdhatri Pooja. Khori gets a chance to arrange for the puja. Riddhi and Khori meet at a car accident. From there, they can't stand each other's presence. So, when Riddhi humiliates her of her potential, Khori vows to prove him wrong. Also, he expresses his interest in Dyuti who happens to be Khori's sister. Riddi's mother, Chandra is not happy with his choice. And so, she plans to test her to check if she's suitable for the family. Khori saves Riddhi from falling down a pond. But Riddhi blames her and yells at her. Dyuti is excited to enter the Riddhi's house. However, Rahul starts to misguide her. He lures her by gifting her precious jewels. So, on the day of marriage, Dyuti fails to make her appearance. Chandra gets worried about her family's dignity. So, she convinces Khori to do the rituals till Dyuti's arrival. But since she's nowhere to be found and Riddhi is about to tie knot with her, she reveals her true identity.

Everyone gets stunned. Riddhi refuses to marry but is forced upon his parents to do so. Without much choice, they both get married. Khori finds Dyuti later. She accuses of everything. While she confront her, Dyuti reveals a shocking information. Rahul's true face gets revealed before Riddhi. He feels ashamed of his brother. Khori arranges for their marriage. Khori helps him when he falls ill. Slowly, Riddhi begins to see Khori's caring side. Khori starts to notice him as a responsible man. Hate feelings start to change into something sweet. Will they express their love for other? Or, will they set apart like people around them wish? That becomes the storyline here.

Riddhi and Khori decided to give a chance to their marriage. Over time, they both see the qualities they want in their partner and soon fall in love. They support each other through thick and thin. Along with the story of Riddhi and Khori, the serial also presents a parallel view of the lives of Dyuti and Boni (Khori's sister) and Rahul and Kunal (Riddhi's brother). Khori continued to follow her passion and soon became an established artist with the support of her husband, Riddhi. Two years later, Khori got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. But the story took a tragic turn when Khori's life ended while giving birth to the child. Riddhi got traumatized and couldn't handle the pain of losing Khori. He blamed his newborn child for Khori's death and loathed him throughout his life. The serial then took a 20-year leap. The storyline opens with Ayushman, the son of Ridhi and Khori, embarking on a journey to become a well-known artist in the music industry. Years have passed, but Ayushmaan still craves his father's love and affection. He wants validation from his father. Riddhi still has resentment towards Ayushman. He still hasn't overcome Khori's death and misses her more with each passing day. The storyline takes a new turn when Ganga (a new character) enters their lives. Ayushman meets Ganga, a talented and innocent classical singer. The storyline follows the journey of Ganga and Ayushman and the beginning of a new chapter of their lives, filled with many twists and turns. Ganga and Ayushman have a common liking for music, and both aspire to contribute to the music industry. Gaatchora takes its viewers on a roller-coaster ride throughout the plot. The serial offers a range of emotions like anger, love, agony, and redemption. The storyline revolves around dreams, aspirations, impacts of loss, and the pursuit of reconciliation. Gaatchora gracefully presents the complexities of the relationships to its viewers. The serial has completed more than 600 episodes and is still continuously ruling the hearts of its viewers. The fresh storyline fascinated the viewers and compelled new audiences to the serial. The second generation of Gaatchora takes the viewers on a new journey with exciting twists and turns. The viewers get to explore the intricate web of relationships. Each of these relationships has its complexities. The cast of the serial has portrayed their character brilliantly.

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Rituparno Ghosh Bengali Director
DOB: 31 August 1963
Rituparno Ghosh
June Malia Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 24 June 1972
June Malia
Mimi Chakraborty Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 11 February 1989
Mimi Chakraborty
Buddhadev Dasgupta Bengali Producer
DOB: 11 February 1944
Buddhadev Dasgupta