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Tamil Tv Actor Jai Dhanush
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Jai Dhanush is an Indian film and television actor. He is a regional actor who mostly works in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam projects. He was born on 6th January 1988, in Hyderabad. He completed his education from JVS High School, Visakhapatnam. He made his debutwith Pothe Poni, in 2006,. He has been part of TV shows like, Edureetha, Thoorpu Padamars, Tarangalu, Koncham, Kashtam, and many more. He showed his talent of acting in various movies opposite big stars like Sree Vani, Nisha Jagadeeswaran Nisha Jagadeeswaran is a popular Indian actress, w >> Read More... , Krithika Laddu Krithika Laddu was born on 28th November 1986 in C >> Read More... , Niharika,, Nagashree, and Anju Aravind Anju Aravind is an Indian actress hailing from Kan >> Read More... . His movie Varoodhini was the best movie of the year in 2010.

With his entry in the Malayalam television industry, Dhanush became a household name and part of the audience’s daily life. While working in the Malayalam television series ‘Alliyambal,’ Jai worked with his wife Keerthi, who interestingly, played his onscreen enemy. He also shares how it was difficult for him to romance his fellow actress on the sets in front of his wife. Initially, Jai had trouble learning Malayalam language,but within months he was fluent in it along with fluency in Telugu, English, and Tamil. He is active on his social media and keeps on sharing his life journey with his fans. Another of his famous work is ‘ Aathira Aathira is a Prime Time television serial. The soa >> Read More... ’ released in 2015.

Jai Dhanush Family Tree (Infographic Family Tree)

Jai Dhanush Family Tree


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