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Sudeepa Raparthi Telugu Movie Actress
Born: 28 February 1987

Age Now 37

Sudeepa Raparthi - (Movie Actress)

Sunil Varma Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 28 February 1974

Age Now 50

Sunil Varma - (Movie Actor)

Mandolin Sreenivas Telugu Musician
Born: 28 February 1969

Age Now 55

Mandolin Sreenivas - (Musician)


Subbaraju Telugu Villain
Born: 27 February 1977

Age Now 47

Subbaraju - (Villain)

Madhu Thotapalli Telugu Screenplay Writer
Born: 27 February 1963

Age Now 61

Madhu Thotapalli - (Screenplay Writer)

Vanya Mishra Telugu Movie Actress
Born: 27 February 1992

Age Now 32

Vanya Mishra - (Movie Actress)

Gully Boy Saddam Telugu Actor
Born: 27 February 1995

Age Now 29

Gully Boy Saddam - (Actor)

Sivaji Raja Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 26 February 1962

Age Now 62

Sivaji Raja - (Movie Actor)


Theatre Or Theatre May Be A Collaborative Kind Of Creation

Theatre Or Theatre May Be A Collaborative Kind Of Creation That Uses Live Performers, Usually, Actors Or Actresses, To Gift The Expertise Of A True Or Unreal Event Before A Live Audience In A Very Specific Place, Typically A Stage, Fashionable Theatre Includes Performances Of Plays And Musical Theatre.

A Theatre Actor Performs In Plays And Alternative Kinds Of Live Productions, Like Skits, Dinner Theatre And Cabaret Shows. Sometimes, They Require Travelling. Actors Have A Talent For Performing Arts And Diverting Others. The Biggest Vagueness Or Distinction Between Functioning On Stage And Performing Arts For The Camera Is That The Location Of Your Audience. On Stage, The Audience Will Simply Be One Hundred Feet Or A Lot Off From The Performers.

Since The Audience Should See And Listen To A Performance To Fancy It, Stage Performers Should Act For The Rear Row. The Second Major Distinction Between Stage And Camera Acting Is That The Familiarity Of The Fabric. Theatre Is By Its Very Nature Repetitive And Thus Acquainted.