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Telugu Tv Serial Suryavamsham - Ammathanam Panchina Akka

Other names : Suryavamsham
Suryavamsham - Ammathanam Panchina Akka Telugu TV SERIALS on ZEE TELUGU
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Suryavamsham is a Telugu drama television series. It is said to be a blockbuster serial telecasted on ZeeTV Telugu. The show was premiered on July 31, 2017. On completion of 150 episodes, there was a grand party by the crew members of the show. There is only one season and has completed 171 episodes till date. Kaushal Manda Kaushal is south Indian actor. He is from Vishakap >> Read More... , the hero of the series, along with Meena Kumari Meena Kumari is a popular TV and film actress. She >> Read More... and Mythili are hot favorites of the Telugu audience. The basic plot of the TV series is in the backdrop of the heroine character Radha who is a daughter of Zamindar Suryavamsham.

After her father’s death, her brother-in-law Adi Shankar kills Radha’s sister just to own the property. Radha escapes from the clutches of Adi with her sister’s son. The year passes by. Radha returns. Will she be able to take her revenge on Adi? This storyline forms the whole concept of the series. Radha is the second daughter in the zamindar family. When she finds out that Adi wants to kill every member of the family, she escapes with her two younger sisters.

There is emotion, comedy, love, and anger in every mood of the characters in the series. Radha and Krishna are in love but Radha leaves the village due to the threat faced by Adi. Do they meet again? Krishna keeps waiting for Radha. After 15 years, Radha and Krishna meet as strangers. Now there is a new challenge for Radha. Will she be able to protect her sister’s son from Adi Shankar? Will Radha and Krishna get along well and be happily married? These are few episodes that connect the audience with this TV series.

There are multiple characters in the series. They are Siri, Surya, Lakshmi. Pinni, Karthik, Shankar, Anjali. Karthik wants to fall in love with Anjali but Hanumantha stops Karthik from meeting Anjali. Surya and Siri show willingness in their relationship while Karthik and Anjali like each other. Prasad and Lakshmi are two entrepreneurs. Radha thanks Krishna for supporting her in getting Surya and Siri married. Anjali and Karthik also come close in the same way.

Another Version of the Serial...

Suryavamsham is a Zee Telugu Tv Series aired on zee Telugu Tv Channel Star Cast of this Zee Telugu Tv Series. It features Kaushal Manda, Meena Kumari, and Mythili. The plot of the TV series is Radha, daughter of Zamindar Suryavamsham. Radha is the second daughter of the zamindar family. After her father's death, her brother-in-law kills her sister just to own her property. Radha escapes from him with her sister's son. Last year. Radha returns. Will she be able to get revenge on Adi? Radha and Krishna love each other, but Radha leaves the village because of Adi. Do they meet? Krishna continues to wait for Radha. Fifteen years later, Radha and Krishna meet as strangers, and their relationship grows. Now there is a new challenge for Radha. They both start to love each other. The story goes on.