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Other names : Malleeswari
Malleswari  Telugu TV SERIALS on Maa TV
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Maa TV presents another masterpiece of family drama and emotional portrayal to its audience. The show called Malleswari started being aired on Maa TV from 26 December 2016. Maa TV is a Telugu television channel launched in 2002. Malleswari is a story about a woman. To be more precise, Malleswari is the story of the women and the female society in India. Confused? Let us tell you how. Malleswari brings to the screen the story of an independent working woman, Malleswari, who was forced into the shackles of an arranged marriage in order to relieve her grief-stricken family of her burden. Sounds familiar? Well, go to any Indian village and this is the story that majority of the women would tell you regarding their lives. Very few families take into consideration the wants, likes, and dislikes of a daughter before sending her off to her in-laws.

This is what the series, Malleswari, depicts and with fierce emotional aggression. Another heart-throbbing element in the series is that the actor, Meena Kumari Meena Kumari is a popular TV and film actress. She >> Read More... , is making her comeback to the small screen, through this soap opera, after a long time. Telugu people across the world have been waiting impatiently for this series. The series paints a picture on the lives of Indian women, and how they change themselves to accept the new members of her family and earn their love and respect. Being part of a new family and environment, after more than 20 years in your comfort zone, is something scary that is faced by all Indian women. This serial enters into a new genre via its unique cinematography and a colourful story revolving around marriage and life.

Telugu audiences would soar the TRP for such family drama. The series opens with the introduction of Thilothama, a transgender and the story weaves around the lives of Thilothama (the villain), Malleswari (the dutiful and always obligated woman), and Raana (the criminal). Is there a single rope that would tie their lives together? Are their fates connected? Well, Malleswari operated a store which was closed down by the municipality. Her family had huge debts and in order to repay them, they wanted Malleswari to get married. Malleswari agrees to marry Raana but later discovers that Raana is, in fact, a criminal. But all things aside, Malleswari professes her love for Raana. But on the other hand, Thilothama paves numerous plots to hurt and kill Malleswari. To get into the plot better, watch Malleswari Monday to Saturday at 9 pm on Maa TV.

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Srilakshmi Kanakala
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Dinesh Baboo
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