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Chelleli Kaapuram Telugu TV SERIALS on Star Maa
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Chelleli Kaapuram is a Telugu television family drama that airs protruding for ninety-three episodes till October 16, 2020. Madhusudhan, Sirisha, Harika, Ravichandran are the cast of the serial. Anshu Reddy Anshu Reddy is an Indian Television Actress. She w >> Read More... , Sushma Kiran, and others are part of the serial. The story revolves around Bhoomi., who sacrifices her life for her stepmother and stepsister. Bhoomi is the charming daughter of Madhava and Bhavani. She likes to help and serve needy people. She is like a gem to her father. Her family lives happily with Bhoomi. This happiness fades away when Bhavani dies, and Madhava remarries Neelambari for the sake of his daughters. Neelambari aims to gets closer with Bhoomi. Then she surprises her with good news. Then the serial depicts her as a developed girl. Gangadharan and Kamala advise her to look after herself.

They also reveal to her that she should be responsible and should maintain the family. She then plans to arrange a party to surprise Pournami and Praveen on their birthday. She seeks Gangadharan's help for the same. At the party, Pournami’s friend insults Bhoomi. Neelambari slaps Pournami for the same. Bhoomi gets happy seeing Pournami and Mansa’s concern towards her. Sunil then comes up with the idea of getting rid of Pournami. But Pournami, along with his mother, plans to impress him with refreshing ideas. Madhava then thinks of Bhoomi and her marriage. Here Avinash’s mother Vasundhara seems happy when she dreams of his marriage with him. At the same time, Manasa enquires about Bhoomi about Pournami’s wedding. Neelambari gets anger at Pournami when she gets closer with Bhoomi. Pournami advises Bhoomi to meet Sunil.

Pournami also says that he loves Sunil. But he loves Manasa, so he feels happy when Bhoomi visits their home. When he visits Manasa’s home, she is shocked to see him in his house. He also reveals the truth to Bhoomi’s family. Hearing Sunil Pournami blames Bhoomi that she tries to spoil her life. Pournami then scolds Madhava for the happenings. At the time, Praveen enters and warns Pournami to be respectful with her father. To avoid and get rid of the situation Bhoomi promises Pournami that he will arrange their marriage. Then she is shocked to hear the evil deeds of Sunil. Avinash and Sunil then apologize to Pournami. But her intentions take a bad way when she plans to marry Avinash. Aakash is the son of Ram Mohan Rao. He suffers a lot about the conditions of Aakash as he is mentally inconsistent. He is angered by his friend when he degrades Aakash. Madhavan worries when Bhoomi buys a loan for Manasa’s marriage. But she irritates Neelambari for no reason. Neelambari then steals money from Madhava’s room.

Then he escapes intelligently when he accuses her. Ram’s family feels happy when Aakash returns home. The family leases Aakash in the home for Manasi’s marriage. Because any confusion in the marriage should not occur by him. Meanwhile, Madhava plans to revenge on the family. Using the marriage situation, Pournami tries to get closer to Avinash. Unfortunately, Narasimham finds Aakash in the wedding hall and locks him in a room. Avinash lashes out at Pournami’s friend when she talks ill about her. In the room, Aakash feels himself in a dilemma. The whole family feels when Manasa bids farewell. To stop Aakash and make him in the home, Rajyam tricks him. She admires Aakash’s behavior towards Bhoomi. She also reveals the truth and her opinion on her to Ram Mohan Rao. Pournami executes her smart plan to marry Avinash. Neelambari then comes up with a bad intention towards Bhoomi. She forces her for her marriage, and Bhoomi finally refuses to get married.

Here Pournami’s plan worked out, and Avinash promises to marry her, which makes her enraptured. Narasimham shocks on hearing Rajyam’s intention towards Bhoomi. Neelambari shouts at Pournami when she spots her with Avinash. Bhoomi intervenes and promises to her that she will arrange their marriage. Rajyam’s decision makes Bhoomi shocking, and Madhava gets furious when Bhoomi reveals it to him. She strives for numerous ideas for Aakash and Bhoomi’s wedding. Later the situation turns wrong for Bhoomi when she finds herself in a problem. Pournami tries for suicide, which makes her mother and sister shocked. She breaks her out to Bhoomi to marry Aakash, which automatically leads Avinash to marry her. Bhoomi then accepts to marry him, which makes Rajyam happy.

On learning the truth, Madhava lashes out at Neelambari for arranging her marriage and the same wedding puts Aakash in a happy river. Neelambari advises Pournami to deal carefully with Bhoomi. Then Avinash surprises her in the hotel. Madhava doubts Neelambari and Pournami’s behavior. Meanwhile, Ram Mohan Rao’s decision put Rajyam in shock. Bhoomi meets Aakash for the first time and gets shocked. However, others enquire Bhoomi for her decision, she eventually marries him, which brings happiness to Aakash’s family. Madhava, Praveen, and Manasa are not interested in this wedding, which puts Bhoomi in the worst situation as the evil plan of their stepmother and sister. But they attend the marriage for the sake of her pleasing.

Aakash’s family is happy about bringing such a girl like Bhoomi to their home. Bhoomi then changes her mind to take care of Aakash, which elates the family members. Pournami starts executing her plan in the house. Bhoomi’s life goes on her way. Will Bhoomi’s life turns good with Aakash? Will she come to know the evil deeds of Neelambari and Pournami? Does Aakash condition resolve? Will they live a happy life? Will Brightness arrives at her life lies the conclusion of the story.


Medha Bahri Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 13 May 1988
Medha Bahri
Sagar Telugu TV-Actor
DOB: 16 August 1978
Devadas Kanakala Telugu TV-Actor
DOB: 30 July 1945
Devadas Kanakala