Top 10 K. Viswanath Movies To Watch

Top 10 K. Viswanath Movies To Watch Telugu Article

Top 10 K. Viswanath Movies to Watch

1) Sharada Noted South Indian actress Sharada, a three-time r >> Read More... Sharada


'Sharada' is a tragic story about a grieving widow who loses her memory after her husband dies. Actress Sharada plays the female lead and Shobhan Babu as the male lead. The movie ran for more that 100 days in the theaters making it successful.

2) Neramu Siksha


K. Viswanath took up the work of screenplay, writing, and direction for this movie. Lead by Krishna and Bharathi, this story talks about the comfortable and reckless life lead by a son of a wealthy businessman. When the man, played by Krishna, gets a new car as a gift, he goes in a race with his friends injuring two brothers. The remaining movie details his penance.

3) Sankarabharanam


'Sankarabhranam' is one of the greatest movies ever to be created by K. Viswanath. The film is included in the list of '100 greatest Indian films ever.' The story entails the sacred student- teacher relationship between Tulasi (played by Manju Bhargavi The Telugu audience would surely remember Manju Bh >> Read More... Manju Bhargavi ) and the Carnatic maestro Sankar Sastry (played by J.V Somayajulu). This film became a cult classic almost immediately.

4) Saagara Sangamam


Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan plays an alcoholic Dance Teacher who tries to perfect the techniques of a young dancer who is reluctant to learn from him. The movie focuses on the values of dance, friendship, and admiration. This film too became a part of the list of '100 greatest cinemas.'


5) Swati Mutyam


The film talks about the beautiful life shared by a widowed woman and an insane man who marry each other. The film follows a narrative tone where the insane man, now portrayed as an old man with grown up kids, talks about his life with their mother.

6) Swayamkrushi Click to look into! >> Read More... Swayamkrushi


'Swayamkrushi' is a great family drama which inculcates the values of hard work, ethics and self-reliance. Chiranjeevi plays the role of a cobbler who becomes successful enough to open a chain of footwear stores, making him a wealthy businessman. However, his son grows up to be a lazy and arrogant chap. The father decides to teach his son the values he grew up in and rectify the child's behavior.

7) Swarnakamalam

'Swarnakamalam' is about a young dancer of a renowned dance Pandit who hates dancing. She does not respect the dance form nor her teacher. Meanwhile, Chandra Shekar a young man who starts liking her decides to help her get back on track and make her a successful dancer.

8) Subhalekha

Subhalekha is about a progressive woman Sujatha (played by Sumalata) who befriends a hotel waiter Narasimha Murthy (played by Chiranjeevi). During a marriage proposal with another man, Sujatha declines the exorbitant dowry demands by the proposing party, which creates a rift between her and her family. When she is forced to leave home, her waiter friend comes to her rescue.

9) Sirivennela

'Sirivennela' is a romance movie starring Sarvadaman Banerjee and Suhasini. The story talks about a blind flutist who rises to fame gains recognition and Pandit Hari Prasad. A mute painter, played by Suhasini, meets him and falls in love with him.

10) Swati Kiranam

The film focuses on a renowned Carnatic singer named Anantha Rama Sharma who holds a big ego regarding his talent. To save his reputation, the man tries to hold back the ability of another young boy named Gangadhar.