Sarath Babu

Other names of Sarath Babu: Sharat Babu, Sathyam Babu Dixithulu

Sarath Babu is in the Industry for few decades now. He did some 200+ films which covered all South Indian languages. He is a highly skilled actor but couldn’t stand as a husband and had multiple divorces. Sarath Babu is one of the most talented character artists in South India. He has played numerous roles as a husband, friend, father, brother and villain on-screen. Personal Life: Sarath Babu was born on 31 July 1951 at Amadalavalasa in Andhra Pradesh. He turned 64 this year and is looking forward to another marriage. Sarath Babu’s father had his own business of hotel, and he wanted him to handle his business.

But on the other hand, Sarath wanted to be a police officer, but his dreams crashed when he developed short-sight during his college days. His friends and lecturers in his college told his mother that he was good looking, and he should try to get into films. While his father was against him entering in the films, his mother encouraged him to try his luck in films. Though it was a risky decision, but he had an alternate plan to join his father’s business later on so he tried acting. In the year, 1988 he divorced his wife, Rama Prabha She was born on 5th may 1947 in a town named madan >> Read More... , who was also an actress while he met Snehalatha that time.

He married her in 1990 but after a period of 20 years, got divorced. Snehalatha filed divorce on July 27th, 2011 in a family court on the grounds of mental torture because of the actor and got a divorce. However, what surprises everyone is that his spirit to get married at this age.

Career: Sarath got into the industry with the help of an advertisement that stated the requirement of new faces or fresher for films he got into films easily with that. Sharath was also a part of Telugu movies as he has worked in all south indian launguage movies. His debut Telugu film was Abhimanavati in 1975. Later in 1977, a film named Nizhal Nijamagiradhu was released. It was directed by the famous director Balachander and was a hit. It was this film from which his career in Tamil films started actually. It was remade in Telugu as Idhi Katha Kadu, which featured him with Kamal Hassan and Chiranjeevi. Since these movies were highly appreciated by the audience, Sarath considers Balachander as his mentor. In his acting career spanning 37 years, Sarath Babu has acted in over 200 movies covering all South Indian languages.

He has acted in 80 films each in Telugu and Tamil, 20 in Kannada and a few in Malayalam. He was also seen in television. He first appeared on television in 1998 in Gopuram. After a long time, he again appeared on television in 2013 in Rajakumari and Mannan Magal Mannan Magal currently airs in Jaya TV; it is dire >> Read More... in 2014. Awards: Sarath Babu has received numerous awards for his wonderful performances in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam movies that include eight Nandi awards from the government of Andhra Pradesh for his roles in Telugu movies.

Another Version Of Sarath Babu:

Sarath Babu was born on 31st July’1951 in Amudalavalasa, Srikakulam(Dist.), Andhra Pradesh. Another name of him is Sthyam Babu Dixit. His father is an hotelier and wanted his son to settle in that business. But against his father’s wishes, Sarath Babu chose acting as his career. He married Telugu actress Ramaprabha, but after a few years they got divorced. Later, he married film actor M.N.Nambiar’s daughter Sneha.                               

Sarath Babu is a film and TV actor, who has worked in all major South-Indian languages- Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. He started his acting career in the year 1973 and has been in film industry for almost 37 years. He made his entry with a Telugu film in 1973. He has worked in nearly 200 films. Sarath Babu has worked in 80 Telugu films, 80 Tamil films, 20 Kannada films and some Malayalam films. In most of his films, Sarath Babu has acted in supporting roles.

He has worked with famous actors such as- Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... , Sivaji Ganeshan, Rajinikanth, Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi. Sharat Babu refers K.Balachander as his god father and mentor. His first break has come through a Tamil film directed by K.Balachander which was later remade in Telugu language as Idi Katha Kaadu in which Chiranjeevi and Kamal Haasan have acted along with Sharat Babu. It was a big hit. Some of his films are- Panthulamma, Maro Charitra Maro charitra is a melodrama that revolves around >> Read More... , 47 Rojulu, Sagara Sangamam, Sitara, Swathi Muthyam, Abhinandana, Sriramadasu, Magadheera etc.

Sarath Babu has received many awards, which includes 8 Nandi Awards as Best Supporting Actor for his acting performance in various Telugu films. 

Sarath Babu has also acted in some TV serials. He has acted in the Telugu Serial Antharangalu which was telecasted on ETV Telugu. This serial was directed by Akkineni Vinay Kumar.

S V Ranga Rao Telugu Actor

S V Ranga Rao

S.V. Ranga Rao with full name Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao was a famous actor, producer, director in Telugu and Tamil Cinema. He was famous as S.V.R. by the entire Cine industry. He got the reputation from his beloved fans as Viswa Nata Chakravarti, Nata Sekhara, Nata Simha and Nata Sarvabhouma. His core competency was doing acting naturally and had a huge fan base for his Hindu mythological roles as Dhuryodhana, Ravana, Ghatohkacha, Keechaka and Kamsa from the mythology of India. He received the Best Actor Award at the Afro-Asian Film Festival held in Jakarta. This award was for his role as Keechaka in ‘Nartanasala’ a famous mythological film in Telugu. He also got the Rashtrapati Awards for ‘Annai’ (1962), ‘Sarada’ (1962), ‘Naanum Oru Penn’ (1963), ‘Karpagam’ (1963) and ‘Nartanasala’ (1963). He also felicitated with Nandi award as Best feature film under direction department due to his outstanding movies ‘Chadarangam’ (1967), ‘Bandhavyalu’ (1968) directed and produced by himself. He also received Filmfare Special Award – South for his super hit movie Naanum Oru Penn (1963), a Tamil drama film under the direction of A. C. Tirulokchandar. S.V.R. was born to Samarla Koteswara Rao and Samarla Lakshmi, a Telugu family. From the age of 12, he was very enthusiastic in stage performance and entered into acting domain after completing his B.Sc education. S.V.R. got the first opportunity from one of his close relatives B.V. Ramanandam for a leading role in a movie called ‘Varoodhini’. After this, he took a break where he went to work as a budget assistant in Tata Company. However, his zeal in acting again brought him back to Madras. In 1947, he got married with Leelavathi Badeti and later he got another opportunity to act like a villain in ‘Palletoori Pilla’ directed and produced by B. A. Subba Rao. Later he got a call from Vijaya Pictures to work as Nepala Mantrikudu in ‘Pathala Bhairavi’, a famous fantasy film in Telugu Cinema written by Pingali Nagendrarao under the direction of Kadiri Venkata Reddy. By gaining the reputation through this role, he got another film ‘Pelli Chesi Choodu’ (1952) a comedy film under the direction of L. V. Prasad. He also played the Tamil version of it. Some of his famous mythological films include ‘Maya Bazaar’ where he played the role of Ghatohkacha, ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ as Hiranyakashapaya character, ‘Bala Bharatham’ in Bheeshma character, ‘Yashoda Krishna’ as Kamsa character and ‘Pandava Vanavasam’ as Dhuryodhana character. He died on February 1974 due to coronary failure. Another Version of this Bio... Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao a renowned actor in the Tamil and Telugu industry. He is fondly recalled to be "Nata Sarvabhouma/ Nata Sekhara/ Nata Simha/ Viswa Nata Chakravarti.” Every time he performs a role, one wouldn't be able to claim that he is merely acting, since his way of performing is so genuine and realistic. He has played the reel roles such as; Ghatohkacha, Kamsa, Dhuryodhana, Keechaka and Ravana. He bagged the award for best Actor for his portrayal of Keechaka at the Afro-Asian Film Festival in Jakarta. He also won the Rashtrapati Award five times for his performance in films; Annai, Naanum Oru Penn, Karpagam, Sarada, and Nartanasala. His performance in Naanum Oru Penn helped him bag a special award from Filmfare Awards South. About his personal life, he married Leelavathi, with whom he had three children. Later in 1974, he suffered from a coronary failure at Hyderabad in February, which later bounced back in the month of July while he was in Chennai and this time, it was fatal. He passed away before he could undergo any immediate medical treatment. May his soul rest in peace!



Shashank Siddamsetty is a Telugu film actor born on 22 November 1979. He was brought up in Secunderabad, and his roots are in Telangana. Shashank’s first two films Aithe and Sye went on hit. He won Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actor in the ‘Sye’. His third movie, Anukokunda Oka Roju, was another success for him. Shashank faced his first flop after giving the movie ‘Party’. His most recent film is ‘Prem’. The First one, Aithe, won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. He has also given two movies in the Kannada language, i.e., Devadas and Krishnan Marriage Story. His Hindi film was ’50 Lakh’. His realistic portrayal of a cabbie in latest hit flick AOR has got him tremendous recognition. He had an exclusive interview with in which he shared about his education background, and how he got into the film career. He completed his B.Com through distance learning in Andhra University. In an interview, Said,” I used to watch films of Chiranjeevi in theater and dance with my younger brother till I get tired. I had no background of the film career, but I still wanted to do it because there is place in this industry for who is talented and hardworking.” He got his primary portfolio done by Aravind Chenji in 2000 and visited all the studios with this. His training started at Mr. Dixit first and then at Kishor Namit Kapoor Institute in Mumbai. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti saw his portfolio in February 2002. He got his second one by Aravind Chenji in 2002 and cast the film ‘Aithe’. Shashank has always kept the balance between the performance-oriented films and commercial films. Superstar Chiranjeevi’s film gave him motivation as he is the die heart fan of Chiranjeevi. He did his dubbing for all the films he worked. Through his films, he wants to spread love and motivation among youngsters. Another version of this Bio... Shashank Siddamsetty, normally credited as Shashank, is a Tollywood film actor primarily working on Telugu movies. He famous for  Aithe (2003), Sye (2004), Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005), Nee Jathaga Nenundali (2014) etc   Shashank was born on 22 November 1979 in Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh. His father S. Raju was Assistant Manager of SBI (State Bank of India) and his mother Mrs. Usha Rani was associate professor of linguistics department in Osmania University. Shashank had done his intermediate in St Marie’s high school in Himayat Nagar. He completed his B.Com from Andhra University through distance learning.  Shashank was a hardcore fan of Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi from childhood & made Chiranjeevi his role model. Shashank was from non-film background. He made his first primary portfolio made in 2000 with the help of his friend Arvind Chenji. After all local studios & producers rejected him; Shashank chose to do some formal acting course. He trained at Kishore Namit Kumar Institution & got his second portfolio done in 2002. He got his first break when renowned director Chandra Shekhar Yeleti liked his portfolio and casted him in one of the main roles in National Award winning Telugu Thriller film Aithe (2003). Shashank delivered a stellar performance but overshadowed by Pavan Malhotra’s portrayal of the main antagonist in the movie. After that, he appeared in 2004 sports drama film Sye alongside Nithin & Genelia D’Souza. He bagged Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actor for this flick. Shashank got widely recognised in film industry after portraying the role of a histrionic cab driver in 2005 Blockbuster Anukokunda Oka Roju. Though his many follow-up films like Party (2006) got thrashing in the box office, he got continuous praise for his acting. He delivered another hit with 2014 romantic drama film Nee Jathaga Nenundali that later got dubbed in Hindi as Aashiqui 2.His latest hit film was Yathartham (2016) Shashank named Tamil superstar Vikram of Anniyan (2005) fame & Hollywood actor Tom Hanks as his inspiration alongside Chiranjeevi. Shashank is popular among Telugu audience for his hard work & rise to fame by overcoming many hurdles.

Shashank Telugu Actor