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Tamil Tv Serial Mannan Magal

Mannan Magal Tamil Tv serials on Jaya tv

Mannan Magal currently airs in Jaya TV; it is directed by Yogam Ravi.Film Actress Madhumitha Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... makes her television debut in the thriller serial “Mannan Magal”, this serial airs on Jaya TV and crossed 100 episodes successfully!This is a story of Vishali, a Chennai girl, and the problems she faces in her family and office. Her boss believes that Vishali in disguise and is not just a working-Chennai girl, but the princess of Paandiyaapuram!The “Paandiyaapuram” part started from 128th episode.Thaayamma, the princess of Paandiyaapuram, is very kind hearted, yet brave woman, who cares about the welfare of people of Paandiyaapuram.Her father is Andavaar, the Zamindar of Paandiyaapuram, he is a wise man, he is considers the welfare of the people and helps the necessitous. His second wife is a greedy woman; she doesn’t like him wasting his wealth in such ways, and she has a servant who helps her in the plotting against her enemies.

What happened in Paandiyaapuram?

Why Thaayamma is in Chennai disguised as Vishali?

Why Thaayamma left Paandiyaapuram?

Answers for all these questions are yet to be revealed in following episodes.

Mannan Magal is currently being telecasted in Jaya TV, between 8:30 to 9:00 evening on weekdays.