Vizag Murthy Sundar is an actor. He was born in India. He predominantly works with the Tamil and Telugu Film Industry. He has Indian Nationality. He had appeared in the film industry various times. He is an actor of versatile talent. He has worked with several artists. He works with the actors with versatile performance. He did serials projects in line. He did projects like Sravana Sameeralu, Maha Devi, and Indrani. Its release date is May 27 and in the year 2013. Story writing has done by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani, Bindu Naidu, and Manjula Naidu. It has directed by Manjula Naidu. Manjula Naidu is the famous director for the serials. Cast includes for it are Bharadwaj, Karuna Bhushan, Pavaan Sai, Eshwar, Priyanka, Sindhuja, Sruthi, Nagamani A, Arusam Madhusudhan, Sireesha, Indu Anand, Vijay Reddy, Srinivas, Shanmukh, Sri Priya, Mime Madhu, and Sameera.

It shot in the Telugu language. Story play has created by the Srikanth Entertainment Private Limited. It has eight hundred six episodes. Kamalakar is the executive producer of this serial. It has aired on the channel Gemini TV. He did another serial in the Telugu language. Cast list includes for this serial is Vizag Murthy Sundar, Vinod, Ragini, Sahithi Trinadh, Parikshit Sahni, Karthik S Kumar, Archana Jois, Girija Lokesh, and Bhaskar. It has genre religious drama. It has already shot in the Telugu language. Now it is an upcoming serial in the Kannada language. It is airing from Monday to Friday in a week. Vizag Moorthy and Archana Jois did the lead roles in it.

It has nine hundred episodes. It is airing on the channel Zee Kannada. Vizag did other serial as Indrani. Cast and crew are off it is Giri, Vizag Moorthy Sundar, Seethakanth, Archana Shastry, and Narasimha Raju. Indrani is the daily soap. It shot in the Telugu language. It is broadcasting on the channel Gemini TV. Its debut episode has aired on October 8 and in the year 2012. Archana Shastry and Seethakanth did the lead roles in it. Narasimha Raju is an actor in the cinema industry. It has genre romance, and drama. It has directed by the Sharat. Vinod is the producer. It has 34 episodes. Its finishing episode has broadcasted on November 29 and in the year 2012. Vizag did the grandfather role in it. Vizag Murthy is active in the industry for serials. He is a great and versatile actor.

Nandamuri Harikrishna

Nandamuri Harikrishna, born into the prestigious clan of the ‘Nandamuri’ actors is known for being a popular telugu actor as well as a politician. Although the movies that he’s acted in aren’t too many, the few of them are remembered for his assertive and powerful characters. Seethaiah (a successful movie in which Harikrishna plays a police officer) and Seetha Rama Raju (co-starring Nagarjuna), for instance are two movies that he will be remembered for.Born to the demi god Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, the actor and politician, Harikrishna’s path was pretty much laid out right from the birth as an actor and a politician. And he played both the roles, as a politician and as an actor really well, living up to the family name.Nandamuri Harikrishna appeared in films as a child artist in Sri Krishnavataram and Daana Veera Sura Karna ( apopular film of Sr.Ntr in which he plays a whole of four roles). After that, he did not really show that much inclination towards movies and stayed away from the world of show biz for a while until he got back to playing some intense characters in films like Seethayya and  Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo in the early 2000’s.As a politician, he was a candidate of Telugu Desam Party (founded by his father, Sr.Ntr) for Rajya Sabha in the year 2008. He is married twice and has two actor sons, Kalyan Ram and Jr.Ntr both of which are famous actors of the day. Among all the gems that were a part of the Nandamuri hierarchy, Harikrishna is undoubtedly one.

Nandamuri Harikrishna Telugu Actor