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Chakri Toleti Tamil Screenplay Writer
Born: 20 April 1981

Age Now 43

Chakri Toleti - (Screenplay Writer)

K Subramaniyam Tamil Director
Born: 20 April 1904

Lived For 66 Years

K Subramaniyam - (Director)

Charles Vinoth Tamil Supporting Actor
Born: 20 April 1973

Age Now 51

Charles Vinoth - (Supporting Actor)


Swathi Tamil Tamil Movie Actress
Born: 19 April 1987

Age Now 37

Swathi Tamil - (Movie Actress)

Anu Neela Tamil TV-Actress
Born: 19 April 1995

Age Now 29

Anu Neela - (TV-Actress)


Stunts Can Be Defined As Physical Activities That Require A Certain Skill

Stunts Can Be Defined As Physical Activities That Require A Certain Skill Set And Are Difficult To Perform. These Stunts Are Mainly Performed Due To Artistic Demands In A Movie Or A Television Show.

Stunts Are A Major Part Of Action Movies. Computer Generated Special Effects Have Also Helped In Making These Scenes More Dramatic, Believable And Has Also Made The Process Of Shooting A Stunt Easier. For Shooting Stunts In Movies Or Television Shows, Stunt Directors Or Choreographers Come Into Play.

These Are Usually Experienced Stunt Performers And They Fabricate How A Stunt Has To Unfold From Its Start To Its End. The Most Popular Types Of Stunts Involved Are Bike Stunts And Car Stunts. Tamil Cinema Is Known For Its Action Movies And Thus, Stunts Form An Integral Part Of It. Sometimes The Actor May Be Willing To Perform A Stunt Like Jumping From A Skyscraper, If Not A Body-Double Of That Actor Is Hired Who Is Proficient In Performing Those Stunts And Is A Professional. Later On, More Computerized Effects Are Added To The Scene To Make It More Action-Packed.