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Prem Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 18 April 1976

Age Now 48

Prem - (Movie Actor)

Raaghav Tamil Supporting Actor
Born: 18 April 1974

Age Now 50

Raaghav - (Supporting Actor)

Raja Ravindra Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 18 April 1968

Age Now 56

Raja Ravindra - (Movie Actor)

Chaitanya Choudhury Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 18 April 1977

Age Now 47

Chaitanya Choudhury - (TV-Actor)

Debina Bonnerjee Hindi Model
Born: 18 April 1983

Age Now 41

Debina Bonnerjee - (Model)

Neeraj Sood Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 18 April 1969

Age Now 55

Neeraj Sood - (TV-Actor)

Lalita Pawar Hindi Movie Actress
Born: 18 April 1916

Lived For 81 Years

Lalita Pawar - (Movie Actress)

Poonam Dhillon Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 18 April 1962

Age Now 62

Poonam Dhillon - (TV-Actress)


Respect Stunt Performers Who Risk Their Life For Films

A stunt is a strange and troublesome physical deed or a demonstration requiring an extraordinary aptitude, performed for creative purposes for the most part on TV, theatre, or silver screen. Stunts are an element of numerous activity movies. Before computer generated special effects, these effects were restricted to the utilisation of models, false perspective and other in-camera effects, unless the maker could discover somebody willing to jump from a height or the cliff of a mountain. stunt performer are fearless.

As layman, we cant even think of the kind of jobs stunt performer do, Imagine driving a Ferrari at the speed of 300 or hanging from upon a cliff. Can every hero do these kinds of stunts? Certainly not, every film star can not perform this kind of a stunt. These stunt performer are trained artists for performing such jobs. Their art is of a different level, the breathtaking level. Job as a stunt performer is liking living on the edge and having adrenaline pumping in your veins constantly. These stunt performer are trained professionals, each of their stunt is correctly planned, orderly executed and beautifully performed. Once the entire sequence is performed, the stunt as a whole comes out to look extremely thrilling and breathtaking.