Susheela Raman Tamil Actress
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Susheela Raman is a well-known British- Indian singer, musician, composer, songwriter, and arranger. Susheela was born on the 20th of July, in 1973. Her place of birth is Hendon, London. Raman is also predominantly known for her contributions to the Tamil industry. Susheela hails from a Tamil family. When she was four years old, they shifted to Australia. Susheela was into the music since her childhood. While growing up, she learned South Indian Classical music, as her parents wanted her to connect to their roots. Susheela returned to India in 1995 to explore Carnatic music. Before her venture to India, she formed her band with the genre as funk and roll.

She wanted to create music that depicted her amorphous nationalities. When she was sixteen, she was into the 1960s music. By the age of twenty, she realized the virtues of Indian music and art. She was attracted to sacred music. Susheela's partner in crime Sams Mills, is a guitarist and a producer.

Susheela’s first-ever album was Salt Rain in the year 2001, where she collaborated with Sams Mills. The album was a mesmerizing blend of Tamil folk and jazz music. She got applauded and honored for this. BBC Radio 3 adored her with the Best Newcomer Award. Salt Rain also got shortlisted for Mercury Music Awards.

Her second album was Love Trap, released in 2003. After her third album, Susheela decided to collaborate with the Carnatic musicians. Susheela has also worked for Raju Murugan's film Gypsy. She was supposed to do two songs, but due to some reason, one could not get included. The second one was Aasai Mugam. But she feels she couldn't get much involved in films.

Susheela is a talented individual and is doing very well. She has a charismatic personality to draw people towards her and her music. Her live performances are dynamic and full of energy. Between 2011-2013 Susheela collaborated with Sufi Qawwali singers and the Rajasthani musicians.