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Tamil Composer ( 0 - 12 )

Maney Villanz

Charu Hariharan

Britto Michael


Composer Creates Music

A Composer Creates Music. He/She Puts Together Diverse Musical Components Into One Graceful Symphony. Their Ears Are Sensitive To The Most Indistinct Elements Of Music And They Are Virtuosos At Knowing Which Two Particular Sounds Are Complementary To Each Other.

They Create Background Scores For Films And TV Shows, Matching The Music With The Emotion That The Scene Means To Convey. What You Hear As Music Is The Story Written By A Composer And Narrated By A Musician. They Experiment With Different Basic Forms Of Music Like Classical, Jazz, Popular, Blues, Spiritual, Etc. To Evolve Them Into A Combination Of Two Or More Forms.

They Decide Which Instrument Should Be Sharper At A Particular Instance And When It Should Be Flatter. They Also Envision How The Vocals Of The Music Should Play With The Rhythm. Once The Music Has Been Composed, They Collaborate With Music Directors And Singers, Who Help Them Record Their Compositions In Audio.