Vani is an Indian Radio Jockey and works in the Madurai outlet of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. The network is known with the reference of its tagline – “Radio Mirchi – It’s Hot.” It is a private chain of radio channels which is run successfully all over India. It is owned by ENIL (Entertainment Network India Ltd) which is also a part of The Times Group. It is known for training the best RJs of the country and Vani is one of their popular finds. She jockeys in the Tamil language and her channel can be accessed in the Tamil Nadu radio. RJ Vani loves watching movies and is a huge film fanatic. One of her favorite movies is ‘I’ as she loves the fresh concept and the mental and physical strength portrayed by the protagonists of the film.

Her most favorite songs amongst the pool of her liked ones are Merasalayitaen and Ungaluku Pidichadhu Dha. Being a fan of Tamil Cinema, she has a long list of favorite actors. Some of them are ‘Aarya’ in ‘Kalabakkadhala’, ‘ Vijay’ in ‘ Priyamanavalae’, Ajith Kumar in ‘ Aasai’, Prashanth in ‘ Jeans’, Surya Sivakumar in Jillunu Oru Kadhal amongst many others. The movies that she loves the most are the ones which include a plot around college life as that reminds her of her college days. Apart from enjoying movies and numerous entertainment platforms, she loves reading newspapers and keeping herself updated with the important events of the world. Her mantra in life is to simply “Live the life to the fullest.”

The famous RJ belonging to the fiery Aries zodiac and is very simple in personal life and loves wearing traditional and ethnic wear. She also has an eye for western “Kiliyadha” jeans. Being a self-confessed lover of food, she happily eats almost anything except tomatoes which she particularly dislikes. In her professional life, she tries in-cooperate a unique RJ-ing style in her job as jockeying is not merely an occupation but her passion. Vani is known for her morning show – Breakfast Show of Beauty and Brains which covers all the trending topics of the day all across the world.

It is also known as Namaskara Kalburgi and is popular for its current affairs. It airs from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. Following the show, airs another show by RJ Vani. Rewind Raagam airs from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and is attributed as one of the best musical shows, as it takes its listeners on a musical journey of all over India. On Sunday evenings, fans of RJ Vani can tune into her show Mirchi Bhavan where she talks about popular food joints and numerous new dishes. Being a foodie, she loves hosting this show.

RJ Jackson Durai Tamil Actor

RJ Jackson Durai

The journey to achieve one’s goal is not smooth. It has success and failures; victories and losses; gains and loose. All of us dream to be something in our life. But some of us cannot reach to their aim. The cause of this is that they do not possess such guts to fight against odds. And, as a result,they give up in the middle and sometimes at the very beginning. But, Jackson was not like that.He knew very well how to swim against the current. And, that’s why he has become in his life what he wanted to be. Jackson Durai is from Madurai, India; who dreamt of being an RJ since his childhood. He also faced a lot of difficult tasks, got rejected in many interviews even at Radio Mirchi. But his hard work and patience have won defeating every situation. And, today he is a renowned RJ in Madurai Radio Mirchi 98.3 F.M. Jackson often says that he is not a born talent, but has developed this quality by admiring talents. Jackson conducts the ‘FREEYAVIDU’ show in Madurai Mirchi. His show airs from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M., from Monday to Saturday, when we used to return back home from hectic schedules. During this time span, Madurai people entertain themselves listening to this beautiful show. Jackson believes in “Just let it go……No Worries Buddy!” Tactically,this show is designed to ease our minds after a long tiring day. Dance and music are his passion. He is a calm person. But we are sorry to say, he is suffering from ‘Multiple Disorder.’ His Zodiac Sign is Taurus. He loves games like Tennis, Football, and Golf. His favourite movie is ‘MARUTHA NAAYAGAM.’ He has described his favourite moment as the ‘Mirchi Music Awards 2012’, where he met A.R. Rahaman, the legendary Bollywood singer which was just an unforgettable day for him. Jackson is a social worker and joined a woman rally in Madurai to raise awareness for Cancer and Seema Karuvellam among the people. He supports the Organ Donation Camps organized in his city. He received invitation for such a program once where he came to know about the myth behind the organ donation. He thanked Sharmila Devi for giving him this opportunity.On September 17, 2016; he went to Lady Doak College as a guest. The crowd and response appealed him. It was his first time to come across such a mass having only girls. His favourite quote is “Except gravity nothing keeps me down.”


Rj Priya

Priyadharshini, popularly known as Mirchi Priya, was born on 14th of November in 1992 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She was brought up in the same place and her career now is also in Madhurai which is famous for in Tamil Nadu. She did her schooling from the Dolphin Public School. She joined Radio Mirchi, which is an FM station which has paid to the acquisition of frequency 98.3 MHz as a radio jockey in 2014. Her voice is often heard throughout this frequency and people all over Tamil Nadu are less likely fascinated to hear her voice and the content. Her informal ways to convey something new and productive is a great way to change some old habits. She often interacts with her listeners for their suggestions and opinions on the newly advanced decisions and systems. Since radio has evolved to be the cheapest medium for people to know the situations and happenings around the world, this station serves its best with Priya being one of their backbones to bring a change amidst the common people. Her heart beats to the rhythms and music of G.V. Prakash Kumar, Karthick, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Hari Kanth, Hip Hop Tamizha, S.P. Bala subhramanyam and many more. Her passion for Tamil has never changed as she took up this field to entertain us with the language. Her favourite song that currently hits the list is Nan nee nan from the Tamil film Madras. She loves to eat and her favorite is Chicken biriyani which can be anyone’s favourite as well. People from Tamil Nadu can be ultimately irresistible to that kind of taste. Her favorite actor is Arya who is well known in the Tollywood industry.. She loves her job as she loves to talk and only talk which also entertains people. She is totally high when it comes to chatting with her friends. She believes in making others happy by keeping them lively and interactive. This trait in her has brought her a great success as a radio jockey. Her passion favored her interest. She also believes in the fact of hating none since life is short and it should be utilized to make people happy. Her shows that broadcasted are Golli soda, in which she opts for suggestions by the listeners and Mirchi mornings which is broadcasted between 7am to 10 am in the morning which is a great morning show to hear as it cheers the mind of many listeners. Most of the people love to hear golli soda and it has stolen many hearts by her fascinating chats.

Rj Priya Tamil Actress