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Rajan is a Tamil Producer as well as Director. He started his career in the early 1990s. He is known for his production in Tamil films. However, Rajan has also worked in the production of various Telugu movies as well. Rajan is also known by the name K.Rajan. In 1983, he produced the movie Brammacharigal. It was a Tamil movie. The movie was directed by Swarnamurthy. The main lead was played by Suresh and Sulakshna.

In the year 1991, he directed a Tamil movie. The name of the movie was Namma Ooru Mariamma. It was released on 14 February 1991. Rajan did not produce this film. He was the director as well as the writer of this film. The producers were K.R. Prabhu, K.R. Ganesh, and K.R. Suresh. It was a hit movie with a cast of Nizhalgal Ravi Nizhalgal Ravi is a veteran actor in TV serials an >> Read More... , R. Sarathkumar, Vaidehi, Jaiganesh with other actors. The movie was about a married woman named Mariamma who wants children of her own and her brother named Muthu; a role played by Nizhalgal Ravi, who is attracted to the daughter of the village’s temples’ owner. It was a superhit movie during the time it was released. It was a stepping stone for Rajan. In 2001, he produced a movie called Ninaikaada Naalillai. It was a Tamil movie. A.L. Raja was the director of the movie. It was released on 13 July 2001. The cast of the movie included R. Parthiban, Devayani, and Rahman. This drama movie is one of Rajan’s best projects. In 2005,

Rajan directed as well as produced a movie called Raa Raa Sarasaku Raa Raa. It was his first Telugu movie as a director and producer. The main lead of the movie was Sriman and Abbas. Along with producing and directing,

Rajan can be seen in various audio launches of different movies. He was present at the audio launch of the movie 54321, a thriller Tamil movie, in June 2015. He was also present at the audio launch of Vaaliba Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... in June 2014. He also participated at the audio launch of Saravana Poigai in 2013. The movie was directed by V.Sekar. He was present at the audio launches of movies like Ayul Regai, Kannakkol, Yennamo Yedho Click to look into! >> Read More... , Uyirukku Uyiraga Click to look into! >> Read More... , etc. Rajan has participated at the 2015 Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council. He contested for the Vice President role competing against PI. Thenappan, S. Kathiresan, and K.S. Srinivisan. Since S. Kathiresan and PI. Thenappan got more votes than Rajan; they were chosen as the Vice Presidents. 

Another Bio - Information :

The love for Tamil, Tamil movies, has driven this actor and producer K Rajan to lay out the backbone for the film industry’s causes and need for a good Tamil cinema always. He always informs you what choices an actor should make? The self-goal of a trained actor like Vijay or Ajith should not imitate any character of any emotion blindly, he often asks.

Do they (new generation actors) even know what they did on screen and how they did those scenes and dialogues? Actor Rajan thinks an actor’s dialogues or scenes must aim at character building and that makes one a great actor. Acting technique has changed a lot  over the years.

Once upon a time, there used to be Gemini Ganesan Born in 1920, Gemini Ganesan, originally known as >> Read More... , MGR, and Sivaji Ganesan The Honorable Mr. Ganesan was the second son in hi >> Read More... and, later, there were generations like Jai Shankar, Ravi Shankar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Ravi Chandran Ravi Chandran is a famous Indian cinematographer. >> Read More... , AVM Rajan A V M RAJAN was born on 26 July, 1935 at Pudukkott >> Read More... . That was a golden era when there were good producers and directors.

Nowadays even TV series are not worth watching. His advice to young generation actors, when they play a character in TV or film, they should know their character as well as they should know even themselves well so that they know how to exist and live for Cinema and TV.  The veteran actor K Rajan often feels that as an actor one has to plant those memories and backstory always.

That is why Sivaji Ganesan or MGR could transform into a character, to be truthfully and emotionally connected to the betterment of the society and people. He tells us that great acting is often in the eye of the beholder, but today’s audiences see none of this ideologies on screen or even TV.

The purpose of Film Industry is to produce films with better scripts, performances, and dialogues. Rajan is quite surprised that today’s actors have tricks to help them and that is why they utter dialogues that have double meanings too.

Filmmakers should also have a basic instinct to choose good scripts and dialogues that transform our society’s thoughts and feelings. Rajan is also a big critic of today’s actors who charge crores and crores of rupees but that affects our society.

He believes today’s actors should play a truthful character and not a cliché, a caricature who barely resembles the human being. K Rajan who has over five decades experience in film acting, wonders why there is no new faces in the industry.  He is an active member of Tamil Nadigar Sangam.

This versatile actor was born on he was 25 February 1941. The actor was highly appreciated for his screenplay in movies like ‘Namma Ooru Mariamma’, and ‘Thangamana Thangachi’. Both these movies were produced under the banner of Ganesh Cine Arts and the music was composed by Shankar Ganesh.

He directed two popular movies 'Unarchigal’ and 'Namma Oru Ellaiamman'. He was seen as supporting actor in famous movies like 'Kabadi Kabadi ' and Naama Our Ellaiamman'.

Film producer Rajan was vice president for Tamil Film Producers Council (2002-04). K Rajan even now involves himself with the Producer Council and feels to voice his support for the technicians. We would often find him to protest on socio-political issues too. Of late, we hear that he has donated a lump sum amount to set up the Tamil Chair at Harvard University.


Born: 24 April 1990

Age Now 34

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Born: 24 April 1937

Lived For 79 Years

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Age Now 40

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