A V M RAJAN was born on 26 July, 1935 at Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu. He was a famous Tamil actor and producer. A.V.M RAJAN 's real name was Shanmugasundaram. Rajan was a brilliant Student. He started his movie career in 1962. When we look at his family background, Rajan wanted to become an Actor. He wanted to join Cinema but His parents wanted to see him as a police officer. Rajan was student of Madras University. His father sent him Madras for studies but he had some other plans.

He wanted to fulfill his acting Dream. He tried his Luck in Cinema in every film company of south. Rajan worked in many movies in his career. He was a famous Actor of 1960's and 70's. Rajan Started his career in Cinema with "Aayiram Kaalathi Payiru" This was his first movie. After this movie, he signed with the AVM productions. He acted in the all movies of the AVM productions. He worked in the movie "Nanum ORU Pen". This was the first movie of the AVM productions. He played lead role in this movie as " S.S Rajendran". In this movie he worked with the famous Tamil Actress Pushpalatha with whom he later got married after this movie.

They also worked together in the famous movie " karppooram". Rajan had two Daughters and one Son. His Elder Daughter Mahalakshmi became a famous actress of South Industry. His Son became a Lawyer. After his movie career , Rajan became a Christian Pop and quit acting in the movies. A.V.M Rajan was famous for his acting in many movies. He has worked in total 70 movies in his career. His famous movies were "Thulasi Maadam" in which he worked with co-star "S.N Lakshmi". He also worked in the "Chitrangi" and " Andavam Kattalai". He acted as "Rajnikanth" in his famous movie " Major Chandrakanth". He has won many awards for his best movies. He also won the Tamil Nadu state film award for the film " Karppooram".

K Balaji Tamil Actor

K Balaji

K Balaji was a Tamil actor in the Tamil (Kollywood) industry and an Indian film producer in the media world. He was born on 5th August 1934 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His grandfather was a renowned advocate in the colonial times named- T. Rangachari. He was married to Anandavally (died: 1995) and had three children with him- Sujatha, Suchitra Mohanlal, and Suresh Balaji. His entire work is highly commendable and acknowledged by the many people and critics. He has produced and acted in multiple movies during his lifetime. He died on 2 May 2009 due to renal failure. During his initial days, he worked in the office of S.S. Vasan and gained a lot of experience from there and then in 1951 he owned his studio called Gemini Studios. During that time Mr. Vasan never used newcomers, but he decided to give Balaji a role in “Auvaiyae’ and gave him role of Muruga (Hindu god). Initially, he started getting significant functions and acted as a lead in many movies at that time. Mr. Balaji realized that he was better in performing negative roles and managed to understand the mindset of the characters easily, so he played in motion pictures like “Bale Pandiya”, “Padithaal”, “Mattum Podhumaa”, and “Thillana Mohanambai”. After that, he worked with Narasi Studios situated in the southwest suburbs and joined as a manager. He received his greatest opportunity when he worked with actors like Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Gemini Ganesan, Sivaji Ganesan and Savitri. During the year 1960s, various movies remade by K Balaji like “Dushman” in 1971 (Rajesh Khanna), “Deewar” in 1975 (Amitabh Bachchan) and in 1973 “Namak Haraam” and casted remarkable Tamil actors like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hasan, and Sivaji Ganeshan. After the year 1966, he founded and created Sujatha Cine Arts and also Sujata Recording Studio where top knotted movies recorded its sound during the year between the 1980s and 1990s. He is known for his movies in which he starred Rajnikanth in the motion picture called “Billa” in 1980 and “Vazhvey Maayam” in the year 1982 starring Kamal Haasan. During his lifetime he achieved much recognition and respect from all over India. The Indian audience adored his acting skills, and as a producer, he produced awe-aspiring films in the 1980's period. ==. Another Version: K. Balaji was an Indian famous producer and actor in Tamil films born in the city Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 5th August 1934. His grandfather was a pre-revolutionary time advocate T. Rangachari and had ancestors with great name and fame who wa s working in the field of acting. His interest in becoming an actor began when he started participating and performing in school plays and amateur theater shows. He has had a very bright future, and people still remember him in their hearts. He was married to Anandavally, who passed away in the year 1995 giving birth to three children— Suresh Balaji, Sujatha, and Suchitra Mohanlal. Suresh Balaji, being the producer. And his son-in-law, Mohanlal is the very famous Malayalam superstar.Pranav Mohanlal and Sooraj Balaji were his grandsons and the comedian Y. G. Mahendra is his nephew. He started developing interest back when he was in the school itself. With his interest and passion on the road of acting, it showed him the path towards the office of S. S. Vasan, who was then the owner of Gemini Studios in 1951. Balaji had no experience, hence, in the beginning, Vasan was very reluctant to work with a newcomer but looking at the zeal and dedication in his eyes for his work, he gave him a walk on in Auvaiyar, in which he played the character Hindu god Muruga. Slowly and gradually, with time he managed to play substantial roles featuringas a protagonist in a few films. Even till now he is best known for his Tamil films, such as Billa (1980) headlining the Tamil star Rajnikanth and Vazhvey Maayam (1982) featuring Kamal Haasan. With experience, he soon realized that he could perform and do much better realistic acting if given the role of a villain or the hero having any negative role. He worked for films that had this choice of character including Padithaal Mattum Posthuman, Bale Pandiya, and Thillana Mohanambal. With his mesmerizing work and talent, Narasu Studios in the southwest suburbs hired him as a manager. Not only that he lend a hand for Tamil films, in the 1960’s after coming in touch with the honourable actors of Hindi films such as Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar and Tamil superstars like Sivaji Ganesan, and Gemini Ganesan, and actress Savithri, he was recommended to remake Hindi hits into Tamil with leading actors and co-stars. Since the 1960s, overcoming all the ups and downs in his journey of life, his career took a sharp turn, and Balaji translated all the top Hindi blockbusters into Tamil such as Dushman (1971), Deewar (1975), and Namak Haraam (1973). He always used legendary stars as his leading actors like late Sivaji Ganeshan, and Rajnikanth, and Kamal Hasan.In 1966,Sujatha Cine Arts were founded by him. Along with his acting career, he also emerged as the founder of Sujatha Recording Studio, where most of the big-ticket movies of the 1980s and '90s sound recordings were done. With the massive fan following, he won the hearts of all the public by his amazing work. He passed away on 2nd May 2009 evening due to the renal failure of multiple organs leaving his imprint in the hearts of people.


TS Balaiah

Tirunelveli S.Balaiah was born in 23 August,1914 at Sundankottai, Distt. Thoothukudi, Tamil nadu. He was a famous actor of Tamil movies. He was best known for playing his Supporting roles in the Tamil films. He started his career from the hit movie " Sathi Leelavathi " . He played all types of roles including a villain, as well as in character roles and comic roles. When we goes in his family backround, he wanted to join film industry. He ran away from the home and worked in a circus. Balaiah also worked in the Drama companies and Theatre. He also worked in Jagannatha Iyer's Famous Drama Company. Tirunelveli S. Balaiah worked in many Tamil movies. He acted in the movie " Mohini " in the lead role. He was a versatile Actor. He worked with many famous personalities like V.N. Janakiand and M.G. Ramachandran. He played all types of roles very well. He acted as Villain in "Ambikapathy", "Madurai Veteran" , "Thaikki Pin Tharam" and "Thiruvilayadal". Balaiah also acted as comedy roles in movies such as "Kavalai", "Illatha Manithan" and "Bama Vijayam". He was the most admired Actor in the industry. Balaiah had one Daughter and two Sons. His Daughter became a famous Actress. One of his sons also worked in the film industry. T.S.Balaiah was a famous Veteran Actor. He also acted in many Hit movies. He played the role of "Ethiraj" in movie "Bama Vijayam". He played the role of "Vishwanathan" in movie "Kaadhalikha Neramillai". T.S Balaiah worked in the South industry for about 20 years. He played all the roles very well and has a huge fan following in the Industry as well as in the public. He was famous for his middle age Characters and relaxed Characters. He was one of the most lovead actors in the industry. He became unhealthy in the last years of his life and he Died in 22 July, 1972. But he was still alive in our hearts and is remembered for his versatile Acting.

TS Balaiah Tamil Actor