Balaji Kapa Tamil Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

One of the new entrants to the tinsel town of Tamilian movies, this producer has marked his entry with the movie ‘ Zero Click to look into! >> Read More... Zero ’, directed by Shiv Mohaa Shiv Mohaa or Arun Kumar (his name before entering >> Read More... Shiv Mohaa , a supernatural romantic thriller, which has received critical acclaim from audiences of the Tamilian descent, both in India and abroad. Not only this, the unique narratives and the script, coupled with the work done by the actors, make the movie all the more appealing to the audiences.

After the success of Zero, this producer has yet to announce his future projects. Not much is known about this producer. However, Shiv Mohaa a.k.a Arun Kumar Arun Kumar is a famous Indian film actor. He is th >> Read More... Arun Kumar in one of his interviews to a prominent journal mentioned how Balaji Kapa whole-heartedly welcomed his novice idea. The movie produced by Kapa along with Madhav Media Productions (founded in the year 2014) were instrumental in the successful making and materialization of the idea which went on further only to be made into the said movie.

The movie stars Shivada Nair Shivada Nair is an actress that hails from the sou >> Read More... Shivada Nair and Ashwin Kakumanu Ashwin Kakumannu is a Tamil film actor born on 5 J >> Read More... Ashwin Kakumanu and as the lead pair, and JD Chakravarthy has been cast to play a pivotal supporting role. The movie got fairly positive reviews yet had been critically acknowledged. New release "Zero" faired quite well by doing a business of Rs 12.66 lakh in just 81 shows in the weekend of its release itself. The movie also earned substantial profits in the subsequent weeks as well.

Much is not known about Balaji Kapa’s personal life so far, and the only minuscule information, which is available to us is only with regards to his movie “Zero” which is much talked about by the media since 2014, i.e. the very time since which the shooting started. However, the exposure, which was given to the movie by the media, undoubtedly has highlighted Balaji Kapa and his contributions.

All that can be said, for the meantime, is that this producer has more success to achieve and more is left to be known about him, by the media, film fanatics and his audiences alike.