Shiv Mohaa or Arun Kumar (his name before entering the film industry) is a Film Director of Tamilian descent. This former engineer embarked on a directorial journey in tinsel town with his romantic thriller ‘ Zero’, being his first movie, based on supernatural occurring. It also claims to entail the journey of humanity when the universe was created. When asked further about the movie he says that Zero denotes the beginning of everything and portrays the incident when the universe was created and that marked the beginning of everything hence the title Zero.

Having studied filmmaking from Loyola College Mohaa has worked as an assistant in three films- ‘Akku’, Kulir 100 degree, and ‘ Maryan’. It was in college that Mohaa realized his true calling. He used to write stories initially and thought films would be an ideal platform to showcase his talent and on the pretext of which he entered the tinsel town. Initially receiving opposition from his family his firm stance on his decision even made them reconcile with his choice.

Inspired by renowned writer-director ' Shankar', Mohaa has admired his art of story-telling and tries bringing home the same through his works. Even though Zero has been his initial venture, yet it has been acknowledged by artists and directors alike for its unique concept and the profoundness with which Mohaa narrated his story. Though many criticized it for the dark title yet the work of the director and the actors impressed many in its audiences owing to the positive manner in which Zero was conveyed in the movie.

The film has been instrumental in marking Mohaa’s career off on a remarkably positive note, receiving praises from the fraternity and media alike for the unique script and the remarkable storyline displayed by the actors’ performances. The movie has been a positive start for this engineer turned director.



Mithran Jawahar
Ram Manoj Kumar
Arun Mohan
Atlee Kumar
Raju Viswanath
Bala Sriram