Birthday: 27-04-1986
Age: 32
Star sign: Taurus

Shivada Nair is an actress that hails from the southern part of India. Nair performs in movies that are in the Malayalam Language. Shiva made her debut into the entertainment milieu in 2009.She demonstrates splendor in her acting. She is a superstar, who thrills the audience with her performance. Shivawas born at Srilekha in Tamil Nadu. Her father is Vijayarajan, who ensures she is comfortable, and happy. Kumari (Shiva’s mother) plays an indispensable role in the superstar’s life. Shiva’s family relocates to Angamaly, which is in Kerala.

She enrolls at a public institution in Angamaly, where she continued her 6th Standard. Shivada Nair completed 12th Standard at Viswajyothi CMI, which is a school in Kerala. She later pursued a degree in Computer Engineering. Her education occured at Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering Technology in 2008. Shivada Nair is an actress whose dedication to the entertainment milieu is commendable. Her role in some movies increased the popularity of this superstar.

She demonstrates talent and is a delight for the viewers, who are passionate about Shiva’s performance. She is the wife to Murali Krishnan. Shivadebuted her career through a role in a movie titled “ Kerala Cafe.”Shivada Nair does not gain satisfaction from the outcome of “Kerala Café.” Nair later encountered Director Fazil, who gave Shiva a role in “Living Together.” In 2014, she performed in the movie titled “Nedunchaalai.” Director N Krishna ensures the supervision of this blockbuster.

Shivada Nair acts alongside Aari and Prashant Narayanan. Rajavelwas responsible for the cinematography. Kishore T Ewas the editor of “Nedunchaalai.”Shivada Nair gained experience from her role in “Nedunchaalai.” “ Inspector Dawood Ibrahim”was released on the 12th of August 2016. “Inspector Dawood Ibrahim” is in the Malayalam Language. Sajid Yahiyawas the writer of this work of art. Shivada Nair collaborated with icons like Sunil Sukhada, Joju George, Shebin Benson and Saiju Kurup. Eros International helped in the distribution of “Inspector Dawood Ibrahim.”

Shivada Nair performed in a movie titled “ Zero” in 2016. Director Shiv Mohan is the supervisor of “Zero.” Shiva’s collaboration with Shiv Mohan boosted her experience and confidence. Producer Balaji Kappa is instrumental to the success of this blockbuster. “Zero” was released on the 25th of March 2016. Shivada Nair demonstrated her talent alongside superstars like Ashwin Kakumanu, Ravi Raghavendra and Ashwin Krishnan. Madhav Media Blue Ocean Entertainment was responsible for the distribution of “Zero.”


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