Birthday: 13-12-1990
Age: 28
Star sign: Capricorn

Josh Vivian is a music composer and lyricist in the Indian film industry. He has worked with various renowned music bands and Capella bands. Josh was born on 13th, December 1990 into a Christian family. He hailed from Chennai, Tamil Nadu and was brought up there only. The boy used to go to churches and religious ceremonies from childhood and with time, he started performing at choirs in the church. He participated in many church events and sang songs devoted to the lord. This was the beginning of his passion for singing which later became a career to him. He always admired Michael Jackson and Backstreet Boys as the role models and wanted to become like them in the college time. He completed his college from Loyola College in Chennai and became a banker at the Royal Bank of Scott.

He has associated with also, but nothing satisfied him as much as the music. To give a direction to his passion, he worked with the famous music director Stephen Sanders in a Tamil Album. The musician got trained in Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock music. He also is known for the Capella bands. To make his songs popular, Josh took the initiative to open a Youtube page where he posted his famous cover songs and gathered a huge fan following. He began with the cover of Coldplay and Fix you songs and created many other covers too for his Youtube page. ‘Lover of my soul’ was his first creation, which he wrote. With the increasing fan following, he opened up the Nomma Oooru Boy Band (NOBB), through which he showcased his hidden talent. It was the first Tamil band of the boys which received big crowd funding.

It was a proud moment for the band members. He released the album ‘Cosmopolitan Kadhali’ in April 2014, which featured Andrew Arun, Keeba Jeremiah as a guitarist with Joshua Satya. It was a big hit in the music industry which gave name and fame to his band. He was part of the Hip-Hop band and the Hip-Hop Tamizha band on the song ‘Senthamizh Penne’ and ‘Iraiva’ of the album ‘Remy Martin hip-hop.’ He directed a music video with C.S Kiruthi Vasan, who is also his friend. The video starred Surya Ganapathy and Sidesh Melwin. It got aired on the local channels on television. The song Pakkamaaga performed by him with Benny David got famous for its revolutionary execution. He also featured in the movie Hara Hara Mahadev and sang the song ‘Aaya Soathula’ with Kavita Thomas.



Another Version Added :

Josh Vivian is a singer, songwriter, and composer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Josh is one of the founders and the frontman of Namma Ooru Boy Band (NOBB), the first ever Tamil music band. The artist was brought up in a conservative Christian family. Josh had a passion for music, and he started singing in Church choirs from the mere age of four. As a child, his inspiration for music and singing came from legendary music artist, Michael Jackson. At the age of sixteen, Josh, under the directorship of Stephen Sanders recorded a solo Tamil gospel album. Josh Vivian began composing and writing original songs at the break of his adulthood. Josh in his children loved studying, and after completing his education, he went on to receive a Bachelor's degree from Loyola College in Chennai.

After receiving his undergraduate degree, he worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland and later in Amazon. At the age of twenty, Josh made his own YouTube channel where he posted his versions of English hits. Josh had been a member of various pop, rock, and acoustic bands during his teenage years. Josh's career as a musician can be said to have begun with, "Lover of My Soul," the first original that he wrote at the age of twenty-two. In 2012, Josh collaborated with Hiphop Tamizha, a Tamil hip-hop music band to make his mainstream debut as a music artist. "Club le Mabbu le" marks Josh's first appearance in an independent Tamil music video. From 2012-2014, Josh worked in partnership with Hip-hop Tamizha and went on tour with them to various parts of India.

After gaining much experience, Josh started his band and wrote his first Tamil song, "Cosmopolitan Kadhali." The music video, directed by Josh Vivian along with his childhood friend, Kilrathi Vasan, featured Joshua Satya and Andrew Arun. "Cosmopolitan Kadhali" became the first independent music videos to be aired on local television, and received over seven lakh YouTube views. When asked about his experience of working on his first single, Josh told in an interview that he wrote the song in about thirty minutes. He also claimed that he was sure that the song had a breeze about it and that people would love it. Thus, Josh Vivian is a talented musician who is owing to his diligence and passion for music has been able to give Tamil Nadu its first independent music band. He has marked his name with his very first single, and his fans now expect a lot from him.