Rajalakshmi Senthil Ganesh

Other names of Rajalakshmi Senthil Ganesh: Raja Lakshmi, Rajalakshmi
Rajalakshmi Senthil Ganesh Tamil Actress
Other Skills
    - Playback Singer

Rajalakshmi Senthil Ganesh Senthil Ganesh is an Indian singer who was born in >> Read More... Senthil Ganesh is an Indian Folk singer who gained fame for singing Tamil Folk songs. She sings at different places, including temples and villages and trained with her husband Senthil Ganesh in Folk art. The couple is now one of the contestants of Super Singer 6, a Tamil Singing reality show. She won many hearts by her intriguing voice quality.

Rajalakshmi was born in Karrambakudi, Tamil Nadu. She started singing folk songs in festivals which gained him fame. She is married to Senthil Ganesh, who is a folk singer. They are happily married, with two kids. Rajalakshmi along with his husband has brought out several authentic Tamil folk music albums.

Another Version of the Bio ...

Rajalakshmi is an Indian folk singer hailing from Tamil Nadu, India. She was born in Karrambakudi, Tamil Nadu, India and has been interested in singing folk songs since childhood. She was not professionally trained in folk singing, but her voice was melodious, so she started singing in temple festivals and village festivals, thus gaining popularity.

Performing locally in her surrounding villages she was famous and while performing in one of the village festivals she met her future husband Senthil Ganesh. The couple got married and has two children. Rajalakshmi and her husband, Senthil Ganesh participated in the singing reality show named Super Singer season 6 wherein the judges were impressed by her singing.