Mahesh is a Tamil, film actor. He was born on April 19 in Chinnalapatti, Dindigul in India. He was debuted in Vasanthabalan’s Tamil romantic drama film, Angadi Theru in 2010; where he acted opposite Anjali in the lead role. The director’s assistant saw him while playing volleyball for his school in Tirunelveli and the team asked him to audition for Angadi Theru.

After he had finished his board exam, he agreed to be part of the film. His sports mentor also encouraged him to pursue an acting career. His performance in the movie received positive reviews from the critics.

He was later seen acting in low-budget films like Konjam Siripu Konjam Kobam in 2011 and Yaasagan in 2014. Both films failed to make it to the box office and open to poor reviews. In 2012, he was starred alongside Jyothi Krishna Jyothi Krishna is a young and promising actress h >> Read More... Jyothi Krishna , Chinchu Mohan Chinchu Mohan is a Malayalam film actress who work >> Read More... Chinchu Mohan and Sukanya in the Malayalam film, Last Bench, which was directed by the debutant, Jiju Asokan Jiju Asokan was born on 18th May 1977 in padiyoor, >> Read More... Jiju Asokan . This film marks his debut in the Malayalam cinema. In the year 2015, Mahesh acted in Iravum Pagalum Varum Click to look into! >> Read More... Iravum Pagalum Varum and Buddhanin Sirippu Click to look into! >> Read More... Buddhanin Sirippu , which both went unnoticed and had delayed releases.

He was later starred in the Tamil romantic drama film, Veyilodu Vilayadu, which also had delayed the release. The film was initially announced to be release in October 2012. Mahesh was starred, opposite Aarushi in the Tamil film, Adithalam, which was released in 2015.