Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi is a film composer, a playback singer and a music director. He was born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Santhosh made his debut as a music composer in Santhanam’s movie Inimey Ippadithan which was released in 2015.

He received appreciation for his composition of song and background music. Santhosh can play keyboard and piano very well. Santhosh said that the lessons that he had learned with A.R. Rahman helped him groom into a fully fledged musician.

He has done the job of keyboard programming for A.R. Rahman for three years from the movie Kadal to Lingaa. He also studied music at A.R. Rahman’s school. Santhosh said that he also learned how to use songs to create background music from A.R. Rahman. Santhanam shared his experience of how he got the work in the film Inimey Ippadithan. He told that while working with A.R. Rahman he met many people, and that time only he met the people from Sony.

One of his friends used to work in Sony, so he recommended Santhosh as a music director in the film Inimey Ippadithan, and this is how he got his debut film to work as a music director. Santhosh also worked for TV commercials. He made an ad promoting Bigg Boss Season 8. In 2016, Santhosh worked in the film Mo. In 2017, he worked in the film, Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal, Kattappava Kanom and Madura Veeran.

He worked as a playback singer in the movies Inimey Ippadithan released in 2015 and Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal released in 2016. While making his debut in the film Inimey Ippadithan, Santhosh said that he was not at all nervous.

He was very confident and happy to get such a great opportunity because when he heard that the lead actor was Santhanam, he instantly said yes for the work. Santhosh said that Santhanam starrer movie is the best start for him.

He also said that Santhanam told him that he could do whatever he feels like doing, and this gave Santhosh the confidence to do good work. Santhanam didn’t even hear the demo before signing him for the movie. Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi is a very talented music director and playback singer as he has completed his training at A.R. Rahman’s music school and has also worked with A.R. Rahman for three years. He has an amazing voice, and the audience loved his work in his debut movie Inimey Ippadithan.

Karthikeya Murthy

Karthikeya Murthy is an Indian Music composer, singer, and music director. He is also known as Karthik Iyer and KM between his close pals and acquaintances. He is born in Chennai, Tamilnadu on 1985 on 16th MayHe is also a songwriter. He is very multi-talented and very popular musician in Tamil and Telugu film industry. Karthikeya Murthy is from a traditional family and hence his love for Carnatic music has been from his childhood. He is the grandson of the legendary Mridangam music instrument player T. K. Murthy. And his father; T. K. Jayaraman worked as a music composer and singer at All India Radio in Chennai, India. His whole family is somehow related to music. Karthikeya Murthy is the seventh generation of this family and him also incidentally started his music career from his childhood days. Bowdheeswara Bagavathar was the great grandfather for Karthikeya and it all started there. And his very early ancestors used to play music for royals. He learned Carnatic music lessons from great teachers; Chengalpat Ranganathan, PremaLatha, and DKJ. Sukanya. He realized that only traditional music is not enough and decided to learn different forms of music. In this journey, he learned western classical music from Abdul Sattar. In his school days, Karthikeya Murthy created a band; Pro-Teens and later changed the name to Madras Tunes during a completion; band hunt aired on Sun TV. He first started working for short films such as Thuvandha Yuddham etc. And he worked for advertisements and documentaries as a music composer and ventured independently. When A. R. Rahman and music label SaReGaMa conducted a band hunt show; Oh La La, Karthikeyan's band Madras Tunes won the title. This helped him a lot and after the winning, he sang a song and recorded an album for Rahman in his studio. Later he joined with his friend Giridharan, he wrote a song for the popular director K. Balachendar on his stage show Oru Koodai Paasam with the stage name, Karthik Iyer. This show brought him so much popularity and great reviews. In Hindu newspaper, he was acclaimed as an uplifting music with good production values. Later he did theatrical works and helped the dancer Dhananjayan for the show Instinct produced under Olliyum Oliyum. In 2015, karthikeya Murthy gave his first music for the movie released in both Tamil and Telugu. In Tamil as Moone Moonu varthai and in Telugu as Moodu Mukkalo Chepalante which released in 2015. For this music, he was compared to A. R. Rahman’s tunes by veteran singer S. P. Bala Subramaniyam.

Karthikeya Murthy Tamil Actor